What Does It Mean to Be “The Best” Dive Shop?

According to Google, Mobile searches for “best” have grown over 80% over the past two years. More importantly, there’s been an increase in searches for “the best” product to fit a specific need. For example:

“best face lotion for dry skin,”
“best shoes for standing all day”
“best champagne for mimosas”

What does this mean for you as a dive retailer?
The theory that there can only be one winner is no longer true. Your business might be:

  • the best dive center for kids
  • the best dive boat in Maui
  • the best padi divemaster internship in [location]

Consider where your business excels, or where it would like to grow, and start writing about why you’re “the best dive shop for  ______” on your website and social media. You might ask customers to give a shout out to “the best dive guide in [your location]” when posting an online review and tie it to a reward for staff members who receive the most mentions every month or quarter.

What are consumers’ intentions?
So what are people looking for when they search for “the best”? According to Google, they want to “get the most for my money” and avoid buyer’s regret. Google also noted:

Consumers told us searching “best” helps save time by returning a curated list of fewer options …rankings, ratings, or reviews from consumers and experts. You can see the difference between search for results for gas grill and for best gas grill.

This is another clue for dive centers hoping to gain more customers. On your website and social media, address the concerns of people who may be wary of spending hundreds of dollars on scuba lessons.

  • Invite them to try Discover Scuba® Diving first and apply the cost to the PADI® Open Water Diver course if they like the experience.
  • Include testimonials on your website (or link to Facebook reviews) to reassure visitors they will have fun and learn from safe, professional instructors.
  • Coach staff how to identify a potential customer’s needs or goals and reply with a specific solution (as opposed to giving a canned answer).

Are you the best?
Use Google’s incognito mode and search for “best dive shop near me,” or other best of search. If you don’t show up on the first page of search results, add copy to your website (just a few mentions, don’t go crazy) about “why we’re the best dive shop in [location]” or “why we’re the best dive boat for underwater photographers,” etc.