Holiday Planning — 12 Days of Scuba

Imagine the perfect dive shop holiday season. All your seasonal specials are moving like hot cakes. Sales are off the charts. You’re already thinking about hiring more staff. While there’s no harm in thinking positively, it takes a little forethought to turn dreams into reality. Here’s a little imaginative and festive exercise to see how neatly you can package PADI programs and products this holiday season to help get a head start.

DSD_days_poster7_18x24_Explore_Jen.epsOn the first day of diving, my dive shop gave to me…Discover Scuba® Diving in a nice warm sea
One consistently successful seasonal tactic is to simply reach out to your existing divers with a promotion on a Discover Scuba Diving experience they can buy for a friend. Cool looking vouchers in a festive card are a great way to help those divers who always leave shopping until the last minute.

Two Open Water eLearning
A similar approach works well with the PADI Open Water Diver course, especially now that the gift can be used straightaway with PADI Open Water Diver eLearning. It’s essentially a matter of seasonal packaging and promotion.

Three revised Advanced Open Water Diver courses
Clearly this is the perfect gift for all those new open water divers. Reach out to their friends and relatives: Address an envelope – sorry, email won’t work for this one – to all your open water divers’ home addresses with, “To be opened by anyone at this address except customer name.” The new Advanced Open Water Diver course digital product will have the iPad screens popping under the tree.


Four Rescue Divers
Rescue Diver is a perfect course to run when oceans conditions aren’t so hot during the Northern Hemisphere winter. Schedule a seasonal polar bear Rescue Diver course to help all those divers who overindulge on Christmas Day. They have the time off work and they’ll be delighted with a great excuse to avoid another annual visit to their distant second cousins twice removed.

Five Ice Specialties
Are you lucky enough to be snowed in this holiday season? Have a handy lake frozen solid nearby? If you’re not running an Ice Diver Specialty course, you and your customers are missing out on the world’s best excuse for a post dive hot toddy with a cinnamon stick or hot chocolate with marshmallows. If you submit the PIC before the end of the year, you’ll also increase your odds of being the one to issue the 25 millionth PADI certification.


Six Full Face Mask Divers
You know when people come in to buy a gift for one of your better customers? They want something really special for their friend who loves diving. Problem is their friends are manic dive enthusiasts and, as far as you know, have two of everything. Now you have a solution: A Full Face Mask Specialty course with a shiny new full face mask wrapped up for under the tree! Perfect.

You get the idea. Appropriately packaged continuing education makes a great gift, and eLearning or Touch products make sure it’s the gift that starts giving straight away. Finally, what about a gift for yourself? How about a PADI Elite Instructor Award? Make sure the opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

Start wrapping now…

Warehouse Clearance Sale Next Week

PADI Americas Warehouse Clearance Sale

We’ve been cleaning house and found some buried treasures (listed below). To order, contact your PADI Americas Sales rep.

For additional discounts, visit the PADI Pro Facebook page and blog each day next week (10-14 November). We’ll feature a different clearance item each day with an extra discount or bonus offer for one day only.

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November Warehouse Clearance Sale Items

Fish ID cards
(Hawaii, Caribbean or South Pacific)
Sale price: $10/each

Fish Flips Fish ID cards
Regular price: $15/each – Sale price: $10/ each

PADI Flip Flops
(Men’s size only: fits 9-11)
Sale price: $15 per pair

PADI Flip Flop sandals
Regular price: $20 – Sale price $15

Deluxe Logbook binders
Sale price: $10 each
Add PADI Deluxe-size logbook pages for $1 per pack
(logbook page pack is 25 pages, 50 dives)

Deluxe-size PADI and EFR binders
Member price $24.85 and $26.15 – Sale price – $10 each


PADI Flexfit hats
(Choose Digital Underwater Photographer
or Digital Underwater Photography Instructor on back )
Sale price: $15

PADI Digital Underwater Photo hat black flexfit
Regular price: $25 – Sale price: $15/each

Sale price $12

EFR hat
Member price $20.25 – Sale price $12

Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving Digital Version
Sale price $25

70833 PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
Member price $66 – Sale price: $25/each

…and more!

If you’re interested in the items above, call or email your PADI Americas Sales Consultant to order the item before 4pm PDT on Friday 14 November  – or while supplies last. Unfortunately, this promotion is not available to PADI Canada or from the online shopping cart.

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PADI DEMA Specials 2012

PADI DEMA Specials 2012

It’s DEMA time and all products (except PICs) are 5% off now through Monday 19 November 2012.

Discounts of up to 20% are available for eLearning crewpaks, and the revised EFR materials are on sale for up to 33% off.

Specialty, Advanced and Rescue crewpaks are available for up to 15% off.

View our complete DEMA specials online, but contact your sales rep to order. The discounts are not available through our website.

PADI Duffle Bag
Limited-edition PADI Duffle Bag 82360

We’ve also got  new, limited-edition PADI-branded merchandise (see duffle bag pictured at left), a new Public Safety Diver hat and PADI /ScubaEarth iPad covers.



Download our DEMA specials (4MB PDF file)for product pictures and complete details.