Pro Tip – PADI® Membership Renewal

Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

PADI Professional Membership Renewal occurs every November and here’s  a few tips on how to save the most for 2019:

  • Lowest Renewal Rate – To secure the best annual renewal rate, enroll in Automatic Membership Renewal on the PADI Pros’ Site before 6 November 2018. You can find this feature on the My Account page or by using the Renewal button located on the Homepage.
  • Convenient and Cost Effective – You may renew your membership online by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and navigating to the Online Membership Renewal option under the My Account tab. Online Renewal provides you the ability to renew one year at a time and to enroll in Automatic Renewal for future years.
  • The Pen and Paper Method – Renewing with a paper form is still an option but why waste the paper and the time. If you are not enrolled in auto renewal or have not renewed online, a paper renewal form will be mailed to you prior to the renewal deadline. This method will cost you more than the online methods, so strongly consider saving money and time with automatic renewal.

Don’t waste time worrying about annual membership renewals. Enroll in 2019 PADI Automatic Membership Renewal now by accessing My Account page on the PADI Pros Site.

2017 PADI Race to Renew Winners

Congratulations to Emily Anderson, whose response was selected as the grand prize winner of the 2017 Race to Renew!


Cressi gear image

“As a scientist, I want to bring awareness about our ocean’s health to the public,” she wrote. “As a PADI Professional, I am able to do so – reaching out to students, teaching them about the marine environment, and showing what we, as divers, can do to help our oceans.”

Emily won more than $1,200 worth of Cressi gear and one free year of PADI Professional membership.


In addition to Emily, nine other PADI Members were chosen to receive one free year of PADI membership*.

Miguel Bogaert-3
Miguel Bogaert
MC photo
Marie Claire Van Wagner
Dinorah Lizama Moguel
Mario L Tosone
Camille Trudelle - Scuba Camille.jpg
Camille Trudelle
Donald T. Johnson
  • Paul A Jomm
  • Marina L. Marinho Nunes
  • Anderson Batista De Mello


Congratulations to all the winners!

*Winners are eligible for the reimbursement of their 2018 PADI Membership dues pending the return of the liability release statement.