DEMA 2017: Passing the Torch

By Tara Bradley Connell

The DEMA Show 2017 kicked things off at the PADI® Social with an inspirational speech by Dr. Drew Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer for PADI Worldwide.

And while discussing innovations in the dive industry and the importance of dive education is always a popular topic amongst the dive community, this year, Richardson took the message a little deeper.

Here’s a look at some of the takeaways from Richardson’s message:


  • PADI certifications to date – over 25 million
  • PADI professionals worldwide – 133,000
  • Median age for new divers – 29 years old

Richardson started things off by noting that every day members of the dive community are enabling others to fulfill their desire to explore.

“We are enablers of exploration of inner space,” he said. “Outer space exploration is selective for certain people but we together have the opportunity to explore and be part of the inner space mission.”

He then referred to a quote from English veteran broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough:

“I can mention many moments that were unforgettable and revelatory, but the most single revelatory three minutes was the first time I put on scuba gear and dived on a coral reef. It’s just the unbelievable fact that you can move in three dimensions.”


Richardson then focused on the importance of PADI professionals as leaders who have the ability to create a global community of competent divers that are champions for the water planet.

“We are the leaders but with that comes responsibility,” he said. “We must teach divers to be ambassadors for the underwater planet. We have a responsibility to be good ancestors.”

With a focus on “divers are the doers,” Richardson then went on to discuss PADI’s Four Pillars of Change.


Marine Animal Protection

By joining forces with organizations like Project AWARE®, PADI is working to combat marine debris, protect sharks and rays, and instill the importance of sustainable fishing.

“With plastic, pollution, and overfishing, there are many issues to address, but it’s not too late,” Richardson said. “We can reverse some of the damage that has been done by working together to conserve and protect marine resources.”

Ocean Health

PADI has also solidified relationships with Mission Blue, founded by Sylvia Earle, by joining in her efforts toward the promotion of Hope Spots.

The purpose of Hope Spots is to set aside dedicated ocean areas with the hope that less stress on the environment will reverse negative human impact, promote productivity and prevent further damage.

In addition, PADI is working with Project AWARE to rescue entangled animals from debris, and remove and recycle ghost gear, lost and abandoned fishing gear that causes damage to marine life.

People and Community

Richardson then went on to address the PADI community and the PADI AmbassaDivers™ that have made an impact in their local areas.

Noted PADI AmbassaDivers included Jack Fishman, Ernst Van Der Pol, Edgardo Ochoa and Andre Miller.

“These folks are making an impact and we want to get these stories out,” Richardson said. “The point is to tell the world their stories and invite them in. We want to tell your story, too.”

Richardson then addressed PADI AmbassaDivers that have made a difference in the world of healing and wellness by discussing the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course.

Healing and Wellness

“So many are paying it forward by making diving more accessible and more tangible for more people. In doing so, they are transforming lives and making the impossible, possible,” he said.

To coincide with that message, a short video showcased some pioneers in the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty course with appearances by Alana Nichols, Parker Timberland and Leo Morales.

Morales summed up the message perfectly by saying:

“The most important thing is to do what you like to do and have some passion. That’s what scuba diving is for me,” he said. “The ocean gave me back my life.”


As PADI continues to invest in the Four Pillars of Change, education is still the foundation for the future of diving.

By globalizing the education program, the courses will be even more consistent and available in no less than 25 languages across multiple devices. With that, PADI’s goal is to optimize the process for a streamlined experience with long-term success and minimal paperwork.

“We want the user to have a seamless end-to-end consumer journey,” Richardson said.

Before closing, Richardson turned again to the PADI AmbassaDivers in attendance while encouraging future AmbassaDivers to share their stories.

“If we leave a nice footprint as an ancestor, those that go after us will carry that flag toward a sense of self that supersedes what most humans have the opportunity to experience on this planet,” Richardson said.

And with that, the bar was open and the steel drum band played – igniting the perfect start to another successful DEMA Show and a newfound hope for the future.

PADI Attractions at 2017 DEMA Show


Excitement builds as the 2017 DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida, USA approaches. For the PADI®  family, the fun begins with the ever-popular PADI Social and continues throughout the show with a slate of top-flight training seminars and programs.

“PADI’s presence at the DEMA Show is dedicated to giving PADI Members the tools they need to propel their continued success. It’s a one-stop-shop for exploring their interest areas, discovering exciting new programs and then getting the training they need to implement them,” says Drew Richardson, President and CEO of PADI Worldwide. “This year, we’re introducing the PADI Adaptive Techniques specialty programs, rolling out multiple digital product updates and covering upcoming changes to the PADI Instructor Development Course. We also have a few wonderful surprises in store for members at the PADI Social.”

PADI Social

Kick-off your personal DEMA Show experience with a party! You’ll have a rollicking good time at the PADI Social, held at the Rosen Centre Hotel Ballroom on Tuesday, 31 October 2017 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. You can network with friends, connect with important industry contacts and hobnob with a veritable who’s who of the dive industry. You’ll also hear about some exciting new partnerships. “PADI is a global authority on diving and a powerful global force for good,” says Richardson. “In the past year, we’ve made huge strides toward forming partnerships that make our world-renowned environmental stewardship more tangible than ever. The PADI Social is the best place to get all the details and find out how you can be the first to bring these programs to your corner of the planet.”

PADI Business Academy/Rosen Centre Hotel Programs

For the first time, PADI Business Academy will be offered at the DEMA Show, with a special focus on mastering online advertising. “The ability to effectively promote your business online is essential in today’s world and when you’re paying for online advertising, it’s vital that you get it right,” says Richardson. “Learn about marketing and business support tools, and consultation that can help you gain a clear advantage over the competition. Get the inside story about advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google in a hands-on, practice-based setting – one that is focused specifically on what works in the dive industry based on research and the real-world experience of fellow PADI Members.”

PADI Business Academy will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel. Other PADI programs to be held at the Rosen include the Course Director Update (which includes the PADI Frequent Trainer Award Ceremony recognizing Platinum Course Directors), EFR® Instructor Trainer course and EVE seminars.

PADI Adaptive Teaching Specialty Orientation

This half-day program introduces the new PADI Adaptive Teaching Specialty program to PADI Instructors and Course Directors. Learn techniques for teaching and supervising divers of varying abilities and physical challenges. Completion of this orientation results in certification as a PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Instructor (or Instructor Trainer if you’re a PADI Course Director), once additional experience is documented. The PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Program qualifies you to teach two courses: PADI Adaptive Teaching Techniques Specialty course to dive leaders, and the PADI Adaptive Support Diver Specialty course to divers.

PADI FreediverTM Program

Want to get in the water? Hop over to the Orlando YMCA where you can dive into your Basic Freediver rating in just a few hours by attending PADI Basic Freediver Course. This half-day event covers the knowledge development and confined water portions of the PADI Freediver course, and successful completion results in certification as a PADI Basic Freediver.  At a later date, you can complete the two remaining open water sessions to become certified as a PADI Freediver. You don’t need special freediving equipment to participate – just bring your regular fins, mask and snorkel. PADI Freediver TouchTM is included with your paid registration.

Programs at the Orange County Convention Center

Here are a just few highlights of this year’s PADI Miniseminars at the conventional center:

  • Managing Your Online Presence – Learn how to embrace and even leverage reviews on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and My PADI ClubTM to grow your business.
  • Tips to Increase Diver Conversions – Learn how to strategically link courses to increase continuing education certifications.
  • New Trends in Social Media – Learn how you can use virtual reality, 360 videos, Facebook Live, Facebook eCommerce and Instagram to increase exposure and drive traffic to your business.
  • Shark and Ray Tourism: Building a Better Future for Sharks and Rays – Shark- and ray- related tourism is on the rise. Join Project AWARE® for this interactive workshop and discover how you take advantage of shark and ray tourism opportunities while putting best practices at the heart of your business.

The learning opportunities don’t end here – additional miniseminars focus on everything from Chinese tourism to customer service and risk management. The IDC Staff Instructor Update also takes place at the convention center. Special technical diving seminars will also be held in the Tec Resource Center. Look for more information on the PADI Pros’ Site regarding the full roster of PADI courses, programs and miniseminars at 2017 DEMA Show, and then act quickly to sign up for your favorites while seats are still available.

Hurry and Reserve Your Room Today!
It’s not too late to reserve your room at the Rosen Centre Hotel, although rooms are filling up fast. The hotel is just steps away from the South Hall of the Orange County Convention Center and your room comes with complimentary parking, internet hookup and access to the hotel’s fitness center. You’ll also be at the center of action because some of PADI’s most important programs and the PADI Social will take place in the Rosen Centre Hotel. To secure the special room rate of $189 US per night (plus tax and resort fee), please contact the PADI Travel Network at 800 729 7234 ext. 2539 (US and Canada) or email




PADI Miniseminars at DEMA Show 2016


Dive professionals know it makes good sense to plan ahead; now’s the time to do just that for the 2016 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Start by securing early bird pricing of $106 US per night (plus tax, and subject to change) at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. The PADI Course Director Update, EFR Instructor Trainer, and the not-to-be-missed PADI Social will take place downstairs in the hotel convention center, so you’ll be staying in the center of the action. Contact the PADI Travel Network at 800 736 7021 (US and Canada), or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2539 to reserve your room today.

miniseminar2016_padiproductsWith that taken care of, why not take a look at the extensive menu of PADI Miniseminars at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s a good bet that you will probably want to start with PADI Products, Programs and Standards, and Risk Management 2016: Protect Your Divers and Yourself. These two perennial favorites are required (along with two other presentations) to regain Teaching status after a lapse of one to three years.

Pick and choose others that best fit your personal or business strategy, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your reach with the cutting-edge and cost-effective marketing insights you’ll find in Modern Marketing Solutions, Dive it Forward With Course Linking, Extending the Customer Life Cycle Beyond Open Water Diver Certification, and Niche Market Mastery. Don’t forget to Engage with China for advice and tactics on how to serve the fastest growing tourism market in the world.

miniseminar2016_chinaOther PADI Miniseminars include 21st Century Customer Service, Integrating Digital Products, and the CDTC Q&A: What It Takes to Become a PADI Course Director (it’s never to early to plan for this ultimate goal). For those with the majority of a career under their belts, Retirement Planning 101 could be considered mandatory.

Grab your calendar, book your room and make your choices – plan now for a successful 2016 DEMA Show.

Miniseminars at the Las Vegas Convention Center

By attending the PADI Products, Programs and Standards and Risk Management 2016 miniseminars along with two additional presentations, PADI Members can regain Teaching Status after not renewing for one to three years. To gain seminar credits toward the PADI Master Instructor rating or Course Director Training Course application, PADI Members receive one credit for every three PADI Miniseminars attended. Attendance validation is required for credit and forms will be available at the seminars.

PADI Products, Programs and Standards 
(Required for Credit)
Discover how to leverage new products and programs to increase business while learning about any additional standards changes that will affect your daily teaching. This 60-minute seminar will cover the updated PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and key links to new and existing PADI Specialty Diver courses.
Risk Management 2016: Protect Your Divers and Yourself 
(Required for Credit)
Are you 100 percent prepared in your ongoing efforts to avoid dive accidents? Determine how prepared you are through an analysis of real dive incidents and learn how conservative decisions provide better protection. You’ll also learn how to better manage risk in diver education programs and throughout your dive business.
CDTC Q&A: What It Takes to Become a PADI Course Director PADI Course Director is the ultimate PADI Professional rating. Come to this miniseminar to learn how you can reach this goal and about the prerequisites, application procedures and acceptance protocols for the Course Director Training Course.
Dive it Forward With Course Linking The PADI System of diver education provides many opportunities to increase efficiency and course profitability during each training session you conduct. By teaching multiple courses concurrently or linking courses together, you can provide value that your customers want, while differentiating yourself from the competition. Find out which course combinations work best and how to get started right away.
Integrating Digital Products Whether you’re a dive professional, retailer or resort, PADI’s Digital Products are designed to increase diver acquisition and retention. The hardest part is determining how to fit it in your pre-existing business model. This one-hour seminar will provide you with an overview of the PADI Digital Suite, digital integration best practices and ideas on how to make your business technologically sustainable for modern consumers.
How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value – Going Beyond Open Water Attracting new customers requires significant resources, so don’t just say goodbye after Open Water Diver certification. Increase customer retention and turn new divers into loyal customers and advocates through new opportunities available from PADI.
21st Century Customer Service Learn how to fine-tune your customer service to fit in the modern dive market. By improving your interactions with customers, managing your online reputation and properly training your staff, you can elevate your customer experience to new levels. If you’re a store owner, manager or employee, you don’t want to miss this seminar.
Retirement Planning 101 Have you thought about the future for your dive business? Join PADI staff in a discussion about succession planning for owners entertaining the idea of retirement. Find out how to prepare your business and employees for the transition.
Niche Market Mastery We often hear from PADI Members that the most noticeable gains in new profitability come from smaller, niche markets. This one-hour seminar will provide new ways to increase your peak and off-season customer referral business, professional level training and youth programs.
Modern Marketing Solutions Marketing is a business component that many professionals and business owners tend to overlook. This seminar will provide a tutorial on how to set realistic goals, target the right audience – nondivers, youth, women, etc. – create a viable marketing plan and execute it with confidence.
Engage with China – 与中国共赢 Nearly one out of ten international tourists come from China. Growing affluence, longer holidays, fewer visa conditions and more repeat travellers means that this trend is on the rise. If you wish to engage with this emerging market, your next step is to tailor language, products and services to Chinese tourists. Join us to learn the best industry practices to attract these travellers and the tourism potential through e-commerce.


PADI Partners

Grow Your Business with EVE SPLASH Learn how EVE SPLASH can take care of the marketing and communication to help you grow your business. Attend this one-hour seminar and walk away with easy-to-implement processes to help you place ads, attract new students, take bookings, manage leads, certify divers and automate follow-up communications.
Protect What You Love! Adopt a Dive Site™ with Project AWARE® Want to take your Dive Against Debris™ to the next level? Join Project AWARE for an exclusive inside look at its latest initiative, Adopt a Dive Site – a unique and powerful way for dive centers, resorts and leaders to engage in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of your favorite underwater playgrounds. You’ll not only deepen your knowledge of the global marine debris issue, you’ll also walk away with new tools and resources to help you share your stewardship of the ocean with your customers and community.
PADI Swim School:  How to Grow Your Scuba Business Learn how adding swim lessons to your business not only provides additional income and job opportunity, but brings new swimmers, new divers, families of divers and the community into your business. Whether you have a pool, rent a pool, want a pool or have an ocean available, PADI Swim School is for you!


PADI DEMA Specials 2012

PADI DEMA Specials 2012

It’s DEMA time and all products (except PICs) are 5% off now through Monday 19 November 2012.

Discounts of up to 20% are available for eLearning crewpaks, and the revised EFR materials are on sale for up to 33% off.

Specialty, Advanced and Rescue crewpaks are available for up to 15% off.

View our complete DEMA specials online, but contact your sales rep to order. The discounts are not available through our website.

PADI Duffle Bag
Limited-edition PADI Duffle Bag 82360

We’ve also got  new, limited-edition PADI-branded merchandise (see duffle bag pictured at left), a new Public Safety Diver hat and PADI /ScubaEarth iPad covers.



Download our DEMA specials (4MB PDF file)for product pictures and complete details.