How Can You Adopt a Dive Site?


Scuba divers are some of the world’s most passionate ocean advocates. With our unique underwater access and dive skills, we’re a powerful movement – one that seeks out action and mobilizes for change.

That’s why this Earth Day, we’re proud to support our nonprofit partner Project AWARE® as they launch Adopt a Dive Site™ – a unique and powerful program to involve dive centers, resorts and leaders around the world in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of our favorite underwater playgrounds.

ADS_icon_STANDARD_RGBScuba divers are fast becoming the caretakers of our ocean planet, and Project AWARE wants to help empower you – dive centers and professionals – to take ownership and increase your stewardship of the dive sites you visit regularly. Adopt a Dive Site is a unique opportunity to protect what you love.

Through Project AWARE’s flagship citizen science program, Dive Against Debris™, divers around the world are already narrowing the marine debris knowledge gap in policy and science. It’s an incredible effort that has helped save the lives of many ocean species and helped make our ocean cleaner, but the sad truth is that we know there is much more trash is the ocean, and largely, it goes unreported. Adopt a Dive Site is an opportunity for outstanding Dive Against Debris leaders to take ownership of their dive sites.

Participants will pledge to carry out monthly Dive Against Debris surveys, reporting each month from the same location. In return, you’ll be provided with survey tools to help implement your actions, a yearly report on the state of your local reef and recognition tools to share your stewardship with customers and the community.

Together, Adopt a Dive Site participants will help build a strong and vibrant community of Dive Against Debris activists. Visit to learn how you can Adopt a Dive Site!

Show your Dedication to Ocean Protection – Become a 100% AWARE Partner

100% AWARE
Guest Post by Alexa Ward, Project AWARE Community Relations Specialist

Are you a PADI Dive Shop or Instructor that takes ocean protection to heart? We all want to keep our undersea world clean and healthy – not just for ourselves, but for the dive community, now and for future generations to come. If conservation is important to you and your business, consider becoming 100% AWARE.

Across the globe, PADI Instructors and Dive Shops are committing to ocean protection through 100% AWARE partnerships. 100% AWARE partners support a healthy and abundant ocean by making a donation to Project AWARE on behalf of each student that they certify through PADI Online PIC Processing.* 100% AWARE partners’ ongoing contributions make a difference by providing vital funds to support Project AWARE’s two core areas of focus: marine debris prevention and shark and ray protection.

Best of all students certified through a 100% AWARE partner will receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card, so that they can proudly display their support and remember their positive experience with you! Divers value practices that protect the ocean and want to dive with instructors and dive shops that share their values – show them that you care!

Project AWARE Certification Card

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps to become a 100% AWARE Partner:

  • Get started by submitting your 100% AWARE partner agreement. PADI Dive Centers and Resorts and Instructors may apply. You have the option to donate $10 per certification card, or a flat donation of $250 per month.
  • Log into the Online Processing Center using the PADI member number on your 100% AWARE agreement and select your choice of preferred certification card.
  • That’s it! All your certifications will be automatically issued as AWARE cards without making a donation to process.

It’s easy to get started! Effortlessly support ocean protection with every certification – the benefits are endless! If you need any help along the way, Project AWARE is here to help. Simply contact Project AWARE’s Fundraising Specialist, Lauren Wiskerson at or click here to learn more.

*With the exception of Emergency First Response, Seal Team and Tec Rec.

Kick off your #MyOceanChallenge this Endangered Species Day

#MyOceanChallengeThe challenges facing endangered marine species, big and small, have never been more pressing. With My Ocean Challenge, you can help tackle two of the biggest challenges faced by our ocean: marine debris and over-exploitation of sharks and rays.

Taking and promoting the My Ocean Challenge is a great way to raise awareness about endangered marine species and raise funds critical to protecting our ocean and its wildlife.

From running a marathon to baking cakes, participating in a sponsored abseil event or donating your birthday gifts, the funds raised through your My Ocean Challenge fuel the grassroots action and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet for us today and for future generations.

On Endangered Species Day, May 15 – or starting any day you choose – go to to kick off your My Ocean Challenge. Try hosting a Discover Scuba Diving event or participating in a bike ride, skydive or a sponsored bungee jump – the possibilities are endless! My Ocean Challenge is all about challenging yourself to help protect the ocean. The only limit is your imagination!

Our ocean is facing tough challenges. Your challenge this Endangered Species Day and beyond: Fundraise for its protection.

Take Project AWARE’s #MyOceanChallenge

*Beginning on Endangered Species Day 2015, the first ten fundraisers to raise $500 or more will also be awarded with a Quikpod selfie stick so you can show the world how you took on the challenge!

Support Ocean Protection with Every Certification

Divers holding giant Project AWARE certification card

Being a professional member of the dive community is about more than just collecting awards and racking up dives. Anyone can claim to make a difference in our community but action is what really makes a difference.

– Avery Chipka, PADI Instructor, USA

As a PADI Professional, you know how critical a clean, healthy ocean is to the future of your business. You can now automatically support ocean protection through every certification through the 100% AWARE program find out more.

In a competitive marketplace, environmental responsibility plays an increasingly important role in consumer decisions. The LA Times recently reported consumers are willing to pay more for products in environmentally-responsible packaging, and Intuit sited a 7.5% increase in “green” hotel bookings.

Project AWARE 100% Aware Promotional materials

By donating a portion of your class fee to support the underwater world, you’ll distinguish your business from others in the area. There are two ways to donate: $10 per student, or a flat amount of $250 per month. Billing occurs through monthly invoices find out more.

  • Both  individual PADI members, PADI dive centers and resorts are eligible to participate.
  • Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible where allowable by law.
  • You’ll receive support and recognition materials from Project AWARE

For additional information, please review the 100% AWARE fact sheet and/or contact lauren dot wiskerson at projectaware dot org