New PADI Pros login

You may have noticed the login to the PADI Pros site has changed slightly. It used to be that you entered in five bits of information on two different pages. Now it’s much simpler.

Page one asked for your PADI Member information and a PIN code. Then it took you to a second page where you entered a username and password.

Just enter your member number followed by the username and password used previously. If you aren’t sure about your login information, please call customer service at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495.

Oh, one last thing, the login defaults to “Individual” if you are a PADI IRRA Member, you’ll need to switch it to Store (every time, I’m afraid).


Springfield Oregon – home of The Simpsons?

In conjunction with The Simpsons’ first animated film, Fox is running a contest to determine which Springfield, USA is the true home of the Simpson family. The winning town gets to host the world premiere of The Simpsons movie.

What does this have to do with diving? Well, nothing really. I’m just a big fan of The Simpsons and I know some of you are too.

Springfield, Ore (the obvious choice to win) is the only city in our region to be nominated. Now through Noon on Monday 9 July you can vote for Springfield Ore and watch their hilarious video.

As of yesterday, The Register Guard reports a three-way tie between Springfields in Oregon, Illinois and Vermont.

UPDATE 13 July 2007
Unforunately, Springfield Vermont ran away with the win. I demand a recount!


P.S. I Simpsonsified myself (see above) and you can too!

iPod ego – Rock the Dive Boat

Online shopping is a blessing and a curse. There I am, innocently surfing the web for a $20 iPod case when I come across this: a waterproof iPod housing complete with speakers. I haven’t bought one yet, but I think it has a lot of potential for dive trips.

Here are the specs:

  • The EGO sells for $150 on
  • It’s compatible with all dock-connecting iPods
  • Controls are accessed through a rubber membrane at the front.
  • Includes adjustable stand for desktops, and hand and shoulder straps
  • Four AA batteries power the unit for up to 30 hours

Specialty of the Month prizes

PADI’s Specialty of the Month program is a popular way to promote continuing education. Each month, PADI offers a free gift for students who enroll in a featured specialty course. All you have to do is sell them the course training and a crewpak. In some cases you may need to sign students up for PADI Diving Society.*

Here are some bits and pieces you can use to promote the Specialty of the Month. Please feel free to “right click” these images and capture them for your website.

Link to: for the complete 2007 calendar and a helpful FAQ.




SPECIALTY OF THE YEAR – Digital Underwater Photographer

* Students must be new or current PADI Diving Society members to qualify for the free gift. Sign up students using the application (PN: 82051). Annual membership is $29 for the first person and $10 for each additional person in the same household.

Alternately – you can order Society membership vouchers for $19 each (product number 50036). You’ll receive a decal to enclose in lieu of a check or credit card payment and make $10 for each new person you sign up. The decals cannot be used for membership renewals.

Congratulations new 5* Members

Congratulations to the northwest’s newest PADI Five Star Dive Center Members.

The PADI Five Star Dive Center membership level is awarded to progressive PADI Dive Centers that excel in providing divers with a full range of diver education programs, equipment selection, and experience opportunities. To qualify as PADI Five Star Dive Centers, an operation must meet elevated service and business standards, and promote and offer PADI courses as their only recreational diver training. These dive centers also actively promote aquatic environmental awareness and embrace the PADI System of diver education, with a commitment to providing customers with quality products, services and experiences.

seven seas scubaSeven Seas Scuba
When I was home at Christmastime last year I saw a parade of bright yellow ‘TRY SCUBA FREE” signs up and down one of Vancouver’s busiest streets. Kudos to Seven Seas for their remarkable growth over the last few years and good luck on the big move to your new location.

Wind and Water Charters and Scuba
Saunya and Allen take incredible underwater photos. Visit and check out their beautiful underwater images. It makes even this thin-blooded diver want to explore the colorful waters of Alaska.


Revised Specialty Instructor Manual

A new version of PADI’s Specialty Instructor Manual Digital Version will be released in early July. The disc has been completely updated for 2007 and includes:

  • The Digital Underwater Photographer Instructor Guide
  • Newly-revised guides for: Dry Suit, Navigator, Search and Recovery, Deep and Wreck Diver
  • Enriched Air Instructor Guide (updated 2005)
  • A bonus DVD on conducting and marketing specialty courses

The product number is 70909MUL and member price is $176.09. The new version does not include the instructor app promotion that was included with the 2005 version.

If you already own the 2005 version, there is an upgrade disc available for $24.95 (product no. 70910) . We’re expecting this in early July as well.

Both the new version and the upgrade disc are available to pre-order now.

UPDATE: 12 July 2007
The update discs have arrived. If you’ve pre-ordered, your disc should arrive late next week. Please be advised that you must have the 2005 Specialty Instructor Manual installed on your computer or the update disc will not work.

Scuba Stamps

Here’s something random I found whilst trolling the internet: offers real USPS postage stamps with either a dive flag, or customized with your logo. It’s $12.99 for a sheet of 20.

eLearning Enhancement Paks

PADI’s online course includes everything the student diver needs to complete their knowledge development – including a virtual RDP. Of course, the student needs a real RDP (and a few other things) to finish the course- so PADI has created an “enhancement pak.”

The enhancement pak includes:
– A student record file (10058)

– An RDP table or eRDP (60054, 70028)
– A blue log book (70047)
– A blue crewpak bag (60102)

The eRDP version is product number: 70823. MSRP: $37.82
The RDP table version is product number: 70824. MSRP: $35.84

Coming in mid-late2010: enhancement pack for dive computer option.

Is it possible to create your own enhancement pak? Absolutely.

Many of you provide students with a branded cordura logbook binder. In this situation, just order the enhancement pak items ala carte and substitute the adventure log start-up pages (PN 70035)* for the blue logbook.
Custom logbook binders are a simple yet powerful investment in customer loyalty. Every time your student logs a dive they will be reminded of your store. If you’re interested in custom binders, let me know. 
* We may be discontinuing the loose-leaf logbook  pages in 2010.

Will you be ready if an eLearner calls?

All PADI Dive Centers are automatically set up as eLearning providers. Last week we had three students sign up for eLearning within our region. Will your staff be ready when an eLearner calls?

Questions your staff should be ready to answer:
How much does it cost to finish up the course?
Who is my instructor?
Who do I call if I have questions?
Do I need to come in to the store?

Questions to ask the eLearner:
When can you come in for an orientation?
How did you find out about us?


Compressed Air Car

My friend Sebastian (PADI’s sales rep for Latin America) sent me an article about a car that runs on compressed air. Mexico City is looking into using the “air cars” as taxis.

The car’s top speed is about 70 mph and it can go for 125 miles without refueling. An on-board air compressor can refill its tanks – in about four hours.

The car’s manufacturer envisions compressed air filling stations where the vehicles can fill-up in a matter of minutes.

Compressed air filling stations . . . hmmmmm.

An Australian TV station produced this news report which shows the car in action as well as the chassis. The reporter gives us the major downside to this new invention: the car is essentially made of aluminum and glue, so importation to the US is unlikely.

In semi-related news, Mercedes-Benz has a concept car inspired by the Box Fish.