PADI Exams – Current Revision Dates

Current version dates for PADI’s core exams
(applies to English exams only)

New PADI Open Water Exam

Open Water
quiz and exam booklet
– for the new OW program: use version 4.0 from 10/16
– for the “classic” OW course: use version 3.06 from 09/11

Rescue Diver exam
– last revised 06/10, version 3.03

EFR Primary / Secondary Care exam
– new exam released 2016, version 1.01

– new exam released 2011, version 1.0

EFR Care for Children exam

– new exam released 2016, version 1.0

Divemaster exams
– new exam released 02/13 version 3.0

Enriched Air Diver table version (part no. 70117)
– last revised 05/07, version 2.03 – while supplies last –

Enriched Air Diver: (part no. 70122)
– revised 09/13 version 1.03
combo exam booklet for table and dive computer option
(2009, version 1.01 – okay to use for students doing dive computer only)

Additional Resources
Check the revision dates of your specialty instructor guides.
Check the revision dates of your PADI teaching slates.

4 Replies to “PADI Exams – Current Revision Dates”

  1. Im looking at your exam current revision dates. How often are the versions updated? For example your DM exam was released 02/13 version 3.0. Is there going to be a new version released soon?

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