PADI IDC Crewpak Contents

What’s in PADI’s IDC Crewpak?

For more information about what required materials are / are not included, please scroll down past the list of contents.

What’s required but not included in the IDC kit?
  • Skill Practice and Skill Planning Slate – required but not included because some candidates may have this item from their Open Water course.
  • Project AWARE Our World, Our Water manual – available as a free download from
  • EFR Instructor materials – order part number 60215 (EFR Instructor start-up package)
  • PADI Instructor manual – included in the Divemaster crewpak since November 2009 and also available as a free download from the PADI Pro’s Site

What about IDC Online?

The IDC online material does not replace the IDC crewpak. To put it succinctly: the online IDC material replaces approx two days of classroom lecture. Candidates still need to purchase the IDC crewpak. Read more about PADI’s IDC eLearning course.

Where’s the Duty of Care video?
It’s on the Professional Reference collection disc.

Is there still a digital and a paper version of this product?
There is only one “flavor ” of IDC crewpak these days. Part number 60038 includes both a digital and paper version of the Guide to Teaching.

Why can’t I order this product online?
The IDC crewpak is a restricted product. It can only be purchased from PADI’s online shopping cart by CDC/IDC Centers and Course Directors.

  • If you are a Divemaster / IDC candidate, please contact your course director or dive center to purchase.
  • If you are a PADI Dive Center or Resort Member, or conducting an AI program, please contact your sales rep for more information.

Updates to this product’s contents:

  • November 2009 – Guide to Teaching replaces IDC Candidate Workbook, Specialty Instructor Manual added.
  • August 2011 – Divemaster Instructor Cue Cards added
  • January 2012 – Professional Reference Collection books removed. Diving Knowledge Workbook added, Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides added.

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