PADI eTraining Log – A Digital Logbook for Training Dives

Starting 1 January 2015, students who purchase the Open Water Digital Certification Pak or enroll in PADI Open Water eLearning  may log their training dives online via ScubaEarth. The digital logbook is an optional way to verify completion of training dives, divers and instructors may continue to log dives in a paper logbook if they choose. Read on for details on the new PADI eTraining Log.

Open Water Diver Touch and eLearning™ students have access to a Training Logbook in their ScubaEarth profile. Just as a paper logbook requires an instructor signature, training dives logged online must be approved by the instructor who conducted the dive.

etraining log

When logging a training dive, the student includes a PADI Instructor number. After the dive is submitted for approval, an email is generated to the instructor referenced.

etraining log

To approve your student’s dive, log on to the PADI Pros Site and navigate to the Online Processing Center. From there, look for the eTraining Dive Log, Pending Approval button.


From here you can view the list of students and their dives that are pending approval. You can choose to approve or reject dives. If you want to reject a dive, you’ll be prompted to include a message explaining why the dive was rejected so the student can re-submit for approval.

etraining log

After you approve the appropriate dives, the student will receive an email notification that the dive was approved. The dives will then appear as Approved in the student’s ScubaEarth profile.

etraining log

7 Replies to “PADI eTraining Log – A Digital Logbook for Training Dives”

  1. Is there a way for to download an instructor version of the digital log book without purchasing it? Instructors shouldn’t have to see it, interact with it for the first time with a student.

  2. Since logging dives is a requirement of issuing certifications, this seems like it could slow things down rather than using the old fashioned paper stuff. Any advice here?

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