New PADI Open Water Products

new PADI open water DVD
product no. 70831

This page is a quick reference guide to the new and revised open water materials. This article will cover:

  • Items available for download
  • Revised products available for purchase
  • The new exam – what you need to know if you teach the table or eRDPML
  • What about eLearning?
  • IDC materials

For information on conducting the new program, please review the 4th Quarter 2013 Training Bulletin , 1Q2014 Training Bulletin, and the revised Instructor Guide and Guide to Teaching addendum (see download link below). There are also two, one hour recorded webinars you can listen to online. Simply click the link and enter your email address to access: PADI Open Water Diver 2.0 and Introducing the new PADI Open Water Diver Course

Open Water materials available as a free download from the PADI Pro’s Site

Instructor Guide Guide to Teaching addendum Knowledge Review answer keys Final Exam answer sheet and answer key Course Presentation Notes Open Water Record and Referral Form

The referral form is particularly useful if you’re teaching the new program as it includes a place to mark which of the dive flexible skills for confined water (5) and open water (10) were completed. Use the existing referral form if you’re teaching the classic course to help differentiate the two to the receiving instructor (see 1Q2014 TB for further info).

Click the images below to enlarge.

Open Water Referral form - confined water
Open Water Referral form – confined water section
PADI Open Water Referral form - crop
Open Water Referral form – open water

PADI Course Directors may download revised Open Water Diver Course IDC presentation notes and accompanying revised IDC Lesson Guides on the Instructor Development Curriculum/IDC page. There is also an errata for the PADI Course Director Manual on the Instructor Development Curriculum page.

Updated Student and Instructor Products

product no. 87061
product no. 87061

A specially-priced instructor update pack is available for PADI Americas members. The complete package costs $178.40 and is a 33% savings off member price. It includes one each of the:

  • New OW student manual and DVD
  • New student Skill Practice and Dive Planning slate
  • New open water and confined water cue cards
  • New prescriptive lesson guides
  • New exam, answer key and answer sheet

Contact your sales consultant and ask for product number 87061. If you’d like all the items above plus a copy of the new Open Water Touch for iPad or Android when it becomes available, the cost is $251.40. Ask for package number 87062. New and updated student materials: Open Water student manual Open Water DVD – product no. 70831 Student logbook – product no. 70047

New Dive Computer Simulator – for those of you teaching the dive computer option, we have a video showing how a student will access and use the divePAL computer simulator.

new student slate for PADI open water course
new student slate

New Skill Practice Slate  – required for use during OW training! – available as a 4-pack – product no. 60261 – or an 8-pack – product no. 60262 Ask your sales rep about special pricing on the skill practice slate when ordered one for one with open water crewpaks. Special one-for-one pricing is also available for the:

  • whistle (audible signaling device required for the instructor, recommended for students)
  • surface marker buoy (required student skill in the revised open water program, and very useful for the student after their course; instructors are required to have a visual signalling device)
SMB aka safety sausage – product 50277
New PADI Open Water prescriptive lesson guides
Product number 70852

New products for the instructor: Prescriptive lesson guides product no. 70852 (see note below) Open water cue cards (v 3.0) product no. 60202 Confined water cue cards (v 3.0) product no. 60194 Open Water Exam (6-pack) product no. 60175 Problems viewing the videos in your PLGs? Please try the following:

What you need to know about the new exam

  • Available as a 6-pack (product no. 60175).
  • Exams cannot be downloaded from the PADI Pro’s Site.

The revised program assumes the student will use a computer. If the student is learning to plan dives with the RDP table or eRDPML.

  • The student answers five additional questions in quiz #4
  • The student answers 10 additional questions in the final exam.
  • Score each section separately. For example: the student must score at least 75% on the 50 question exam, and 75% on the 10 additional dive planning questions.
New PADI Open Water Exam
Open Water Exam six pack 60175

Additional details will be in the 1Q2014 Training Bulletin. Contact the training department if you have questions: 800 729 7234 ext. 2540 (+1 949 858 7234 ext. 2540).

PADI eLearning What about eLearning?

The revised course will be available online (in English) in April 2014. The classic version of Open Water eLearning will remain available in Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian and Korean. A translation schedule will be published at a future date. If a student begins their eLearning course before the transition and has not completed it before the change, they will continue to use the “classic” eLearning program through the course completion. The student will not need to “redo” any material. The 1Q2014 Training Bulletin will provide additional information. A revised Open Water Diver Online Quick Review will be available in conjunction with the revised online program launch.

IDC Materials

An updated Open Water section for PADI’s Guide to Teaching is available as a free download from the PADI Pro’s Site. The Guide to Teaching will begin shipping with an update Open Water section in December. PADI Course Directors may download revised Open Water Diver Course IDC presentation notes and accompanying revised IDC Lesson Guides on the Instructor Development Curriculum/IDC page. There is also an errata for the PADI Course Director Manual on the Instructor Development Curriculum page. The new student slate is now included in the IDC crewpak. The skill evaluation slates (60575 and 60574) have not changed. Similarly the Skill Evaluation Slate (60228) has not changed.

8 Replies to “New PADI Open Water Products”

  1. I am helping my wife, a certified Master SCUBADiver/Trainer, set up the new OWD prescriptive lesson guides. The first thing we found is that in Windows, you need the free PowerPoint viewer. OK, we do not use Windows; my wife has a Mac and I use Linux Ubuntu. So the options for Mac: BUY the full PowerPoint product from Microsoft; Linux: No options (well, not true, I can set up Powerpoint viewer to run under WINE, but I should not have too.) If you are going to write a World Wide product as a World Wide organization, how about realizing that Microsoft is not the World. I am urging my wife, and any other Instructors out there that read this, to contact you and let you know they will not use this OWD prescriptive lesson guides product until it supports other options such as Open Office, Mac, etc. I will help her develop a multi-platform slideshow that presents the same information as this lame producs attempts to do, if she wishes to go that route. To have to buy either a Windows computer or Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac to run one program is absolutely asinine.

    1. Hi Dwayne, we responded to your Facebook comment as well, but to recap here:

      We are sorry to hear you’re having issues with the PLGs on iOS. There are resources on the Pro’s Site to help with installation. There are a few steps to take, but it’s possible to use the PLGs on a Mac. It’s even possible to use them with an iPad! For iPad directions, please go to the Pro Development section and the instructors are under BOD Webinars (admittedly not the most logical place to find this info). You can also contact your sales rep for more info.

      Thanks for your comment and for being a blog reader! – PADI

    2. Another option to try is the FREE Just create your Microsoft account and you get web-based versions of Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Word and OneNote. You also get 7GB of free storage on OneDrive. You could upload the Powerpoint presentation there and should be able open with the web version of Powerpoint. Again, all free.

    3. I completely agree with Dwayne. There is no excuse why PADI don’t use international standards for providing their contents and oblige everyone to go through Microsoft products.

      They are doing all right when they use PDF, why don’t stick to some other open document standards as ODP?

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