PADI PIC Online Instructions

The new PIC online system is very easy to use and most people will be able to input certifications without having to refer to these instructions. But for those who like a thorough briefing, here’s a closer look on how to enter a PIC online.

IMPORTANT: If your student purchased eLearning or a Touch product 1 Jan 2015 or later, their purchase included a certification fee. Do not use a PIC Online credit. Follow these instructions to process your student (processing instructions are in second half of article).

Let’s Get Started
From the PADI Pros homepage, navigate to either the Online Processing Center or PIC Online (you’ll end up in the same place).

If you have PIC credits available to use, there will be a green box showing how many (see example below). If you don’t have any PIC credits, return to the PADI Pros homepage and click the red Shop Online button to purchase one or more credits. If you are a PADI Canada Member, please phone the Canadian office to order by phone: 800 565 8130 (PADI Canada).

How to use PADI PIC online

If you have credits available, click the button to Process Diving Certifications or Process EFR Certifications (as appropriate).

Next you will see an online form where you’ll enter all the class information and student details. Click on the thumbnail image below to open a full-size image of the form.

PADI Online PIC How ToBelow is detailed information on completing each section of the online form.
 1. Are you processing an entire class or just one student?

PIC-Online-How-To-1“Process For Class” – allows you to process multiple students under the same course information.
“Process For Student” – allows you to process one or more certifications for a single student.

 2. Store and Instructor Information
If logged in as an instructor (as opposed to a dive shop) you cannot add a store number. To enter a certification with store information, submit a paper PIC or use a PIC online #1 purchased by the store and #2 while logged in as the store.

How to Process a PIC Online3. Card information
Enter the course level and card type here (Project AWARE or standard card). This is also where you decide if the card gets mailed to the instructor or directly to the student.

TIP: Project AWARE cards should be entered in a separate batch from students who opt for standard cards. Similarly, enter separate batches for students who want their card mailed directly versus mailed to the instructor.

If you’ve selected “Process for Class” in step #1, everything above this line will be locked once you click “Confirm Course Info.” All students will receive the same certification, card type and delivery option.

4. Student information

Enter your student information here. If the student has previously certified as a PADI Diver, you can pull up their information from our database.

How to enter student info PADI PIC Online
Be sure to verify that the student’s address information is still current. Our PIC online worksheet is a great way to ensure you’ve collected all the necessary info.

5. Upload student photo*
PIC online will accept .jpg files of 300k or smaller.

Here is a website you can use to easily re-size images.

First: Click Browse
Next: Select the image file from your computer
Last: Click the Choose Image File button.

*For EFR certs you will not add a photo.

6. Credit Card Information for Project AWARE
(Optional) input a credit card here for Project AWARE card donations. If you have a credit card on file with us for auto-renewal, it will display here.

Only your auto-renewal card is accessible from PIC online. Credit cards you have on file in our online shopping cart and/or the card you’ve given to a sales consultant, will not appear here.

To pay for expedited shipping, please contact customer service at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 / +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495

Now Click “Process Order” and You’re Done!
All students listed under Pending Applications will be sent to our diver database.

Temporary Cards
After clicking Process Order, you’ll be able to print or email temporary certification cards. The wallet-sized cards print up to eight student cards/ page.

TIP: Temp cards will appear in a pop-up window. If you do not see temp cards after clicking “submit” check to see if pop-ups are being blocked by your browser.

Email Confirmation / Errors
You will receive an email confirming the certifications. If you discover any errors, phone customer service immediately at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2495 / +1 949 858 7234 ext. 2495

Once certification information has been submitted it cannot be changed. Card corrections will cost another PIC online credit so please double check your data entry before submitting the information to us.

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