Make the most of orientation sessions


By hosting multiple class orientations at one time you can get all your student paperwork taken care of and promote continuing education at the same time.

After introducing your instructor(s) and divemaster(s), have students introduce themselves from most experienced to least experienced. Master Scuba Divers and Rescue Divers will appreciate the acknowledgment and it gives new divers something to aspire to (you’d be amazed how effective this is).

Next, give a brief overview of each course (mainly for the benefit of your open water students). For example, you might describe Adventures in Diving as a “specialty sampler,” discuss the value of honing your dive skills, and close with a brief overview of the adventure dives.

Paperwork doesn’t have to be just boring release forms. It can also be a short survey asking divers about their interests in and out of the water: must-have information for teaching presentations. As your students finish up, invite them to add their names to a Master Scuba Diver progress chart.

Pretty Pictures
Bring the underwater world to your orientation by running a slideshow of underwater images on a laptop or muted television. Images from your favorite specialty dives will subtly sell continuing education, and don’t forget to include topside photos of smiling divers having fun and making friends.