Introducing the eRDPML

new PADI eRDPThere’s an exciting announcement in the third quarter Undersea Journal. PADI is retiring The Wheel and in its place we have the eRDPML.

New features:

  • Multi-level dive planning
  • Sound can be turned off
  • More robust design
  • Plan up to 5 consecutive dives
  • Plan up to 3 consecutive multi-level dives

Useful info:

  • Available the end of July
  • Pre-order through Megan
  • Pre-order not available online
  • Product no. 70031
  • Desktop version: 70903
  • Member Price: $24.20
  • Suggested retail: $32.40


Because the eRDP replaces the original eRDP and The Wheel, you can use it in any PADI course to plan either single or multi-level dives. You may continue to use the regular eRDP and wheel in your course until stock is used up.

In other words, current Divemaster / AI/ OWSI candidates should use whatever RDPs they’ve already purchased for the class. There is no requirement to upgrade.

We’ll be shipping the eRDP “Classic” in our crewpaks until we run out. Similarly, we’ll continue to sell OW crewpaks with The Wheel and Wheels ala carte until our stock is exhausted.

Additional information can be found in the third-quarter training bulletin – now printed at the end the Undersea Journal.

Be the first kid on your block to own our new toy!
Call me about a pre-order . . .

New PADI crewpak: OW multimedia with eRDP

PADI open water crewpak with eRDP and multimedia

By popular demand – we now have an Open Water crewpak with eRDP & the multimedia Open Water manual. The product number is 60328. Suggested retail is: $83.80.

A survey conducted by our Canadian office found that PADI Members teaching with the eRDP have a 20% higher continuing education ratio than those teaching with the tables. Moreover, the eRDP can reduce your classroom time by up to two hours. If you’re not currently using the eRDP, ask me about our June special.

Divemaster Lesson Guides (MLGs) format change

The Divemaster Lesson Guides are now available in PowerPoint. That means that you can enhance your presentations with your own information or insert your own images. The disc also includes Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese.
Member price is $47.65.

Please note: these are not prescriptive lesson guides. It’s the same lesson guides from before but in a better format.

AWARE Coral Reef CD-ROM – new and improved

The AWARE Coral Reef Instructional CD-ROM is new and improved for 2008. The updated disc (product no. 70809) now includes:

  • Revised Coral Reef Conservation Instructor Outline
  • Presentation slides
  • Project AWARE PSA videos
  • Project AWARE support materials (logos, etc.)

2008 is the International Year of the reef. It’s a great opportunity to attract new customers who are interested in going green. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read one of our articles:

Tips on teaching the Project AWARE Specialty.

How to turn your next dive trip into an Eco-Adventure.


DVDs: to rent, loan or sell

PADI Open Water DVDUsing DVDs in your classes is a no-brainer. The tough part is deciding whether to loan, rent, or sell the DVD to your student.

First let’s look at the loan option:
Most instructors quickly realize that loaning out DVDs is a waste of time and money. Free stuff is just not valued the same. If you’ve ever made the mistake of giving your friend a free scuba class, you know what I mean.

Inevitably your DVD’s will be lost, scratched, broken or just never returned. Now you have to buy a new one. Plus there’s the cost of your time trying to chase down those DVDs that never find their way home. When it comes down to it, loaning the DVD is more like paying the customer to borrow it.

PADI Advanced Open Water DVDOkay, how about renting the DVD?
Renting DVDs is light years ahead of loaning. We recommend charging a deposit which covers the cost of the disc plus administrative time ($25-$30 seems to be the norm). This way, if a DVD is never returned, you haven’t lost any money. If the customer brings the disc back in good condition, their deposit is refunded.

So what’s the downside to renting? The opportunity cost of profit that was not made by not selling your student the DVD in the first place.

PADI Rescue Diver DVDSelling the DVD is by far the smartest approach:
Selling removes the administrative and opportunity costs associated with loaning and renting out DVDs. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with “it was scratched when I got it” or “I’ll bring it back next week I promise” (when you need the DVD for another class the next day).

Paying for convenience is extraordinarily common these days. Don’t forget: your customers expect to buy things from you and owning the DVD adds both convenience and value. If you want to avoid “nickel and diming” include the DVD in your course price or consider the Open Water multimedia crewpak (manual + DVD = multimedia DVD-ROM).

The PADI Open Water DVD is product number 70821MUL (includes English and Spanish). The multimedia crewpak is 60314 (adventure log) or 60316 (blue log book).

Thanks to Randy Giles (PADI Canada) for letting me bastardize his original article.


New Oxygen Provider Specialty

Emergency oxygen is the primary first aid in dive accidents but statistics show that less than half of divers in need actually receive it. By teaching the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course, you can help close this gap – making sure your divers are ready to provide emergency oxygen.

PADI’s Emergency Oxygen specialty course takes about two hours and may be conducted in lieu of exercise nine in a Rescue Diver course. Many of your Rescue students may be close to achieving their Master Scuba Diver rating, and the Emergency O2 specialty counts as one of the five they need.

Here are the available products:

PADI Oxygen Provider ManualFor the student:
Emergency Oxygen Provider student package (82219)

Includes: 70019 Emergency Oxygen Provider student manual and 50051 O2 “At a Glance” reference card. MSRP is $31.40.

For the Instructor:
Emergency Oxygen Provider instructor guide (79118).

Here is the lowdown on crossing over:

Crossover an O2 Provider Distinctive Specialty Rating to a regular PADI Specialty Instructor Rating at no charge. Just trade it in!
Here’s how: Fill out and FAX a Specialty Change Form to PADI Customer Service (FAX # 949 267 1259). We will not send a new instructor card, but the distinctive specialty will be removed from the instructor’s record and the PADI Emergency O2 Provider Instructor Rating will be added.

If you would like to keep your Distinctive Specialty Rating:
Instructors may keep their distinctive rating (and continue teaching it as usual) and add the PADI course to their credentials. Apply using our standard specialty instructor application form (method 2), and include the specialty instructor application fee. List the O2 distinctive rating as proof of experience (no other experience necessary).

If you have a DAN certification:
Both the DAN O2 Provider and DAN O2 Instructor Rating may be used as proof of experience toward the PADI Emergency Oxygen Instructor Rating.

Assistant Instructors and Divemasters
AI’s and DMs may apply for the O2 Instructor rating by completing specialty instructor training with a course director.

For additional questions about applying to be a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor, read our Oxygen course Instructor FAQs or contact PADI’s Training Department at: 800 729 7234 ext. 2540.