Last Call for 2019 Online Renewal

Time is running out to renew your 2019 PADI® Retail and Resort membership at a reduced rate. To receive the reduced 2019 PADI Retail and Resort membership rate you must renew before 15 December 2018. Here are a few tips to consider while renewing online:

  1. Online membership renewal is accessible on the My Account page of the PADI Pros Site.
  2. Renewing online before 15 December 2018 entitles you to a reduced membership rate for 2019.
  3. Choose the Automatic Renewal option when checking out to receive the lowest renewal rate for 2020.
  4. Follow the link below to renew now and continue enjoying all your great PADI benefits.


How to Save on PADI Retail and Resort Membership Dues

Every year members ask, “How can I save more on my membership dues?”

Well it’s easy! Enroll in PADI Automatic Membership Renewal and you’ll receive the lowest rate for 2019. By enrolling before 5 November 2018, you will maintain uninterrupted access to PADI’s membership benefits including:

  • Online certification processing
  • Access to your dedicated regional Customer Service Team
  • PADI Pros’ Site marketing tools and more!

Sign up for Automatic Renewal before time runs out and the savings disappears.

Pro Tip – PADI® Membership Renewal

Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

PADI Professional Membership Renewal occurs every November and here’s  a few tips on how to save the most for 2019:

  • Lowest Renewal Rate – To secure the best annual renewal rate, enroll in Automatic Membership Renewal on the PADI Pros’ Site before 6 November 2018. You can find this feature on the My Account page or by using the Renewal button located on the Homepage.
  • Convenient and Cost Effective – You may renew your membership online by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and navigating to the Online Membership Renewal option under the My Account tab. Online Renewal provides you the ability to renew one year at a time and to enroll in Automatic Renewal for future years.
  • The Pen and Paper Method – Renewing with a paper form is still an option but why waste the paper and the time. If you are not enrolled in auto renewal or have not renewed online, a paper renewal form will be mailed to you prior to the renewal deadline. This method will cost you more than the online methods, so strongly consider saving money and time with automatic renewal.

Don’t waste time worrying about annual membership renewals. Enroll in 2019 PADI Automatic Membership Renewal now by accessing My Account page on the PADI Pros Site.

Save on Your PADI Membership Dues


Every year members ask, “How can I save more on my membership dues?”

It’s easy! Enroll in PADI Automatic Membership Renewal and you’ll receive the lowest rate for 2018. By enrolling before 6 November 2017, you’ll maintain uninterrupted access to PADI membership benefits including:

  • Online certification processing
  • Training information and pro development webinars on the PADI Pros’ Site
  • Access to your Regional Training Consultants and support from your Regional Headquarters

Sign up for automatic renewal before time runs out and the savings disappear.

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Is Your Insurance Up to Date? Are You Sure?

PADI Americas Liability Insurance

Insurance renewal season is upon us. For many PADI Pros in the Americas and Canada regions, your liability insurance policy comes due on 30 June 2013.

Your 2013-2014 renewal application should have arrived in the mail. To renew, simply update the information, sign and mail. You can also renew online today or sign up for auto-renewal. If you’ve renewed online you don’t have to mail in the form. PADI Members in Canada, please renew online using this link for

A few important reasons for prompt renewal:

#1 The Red Hand

On 1 July 2013, instructors without insurance will receive the error below and will not be able to process PIC online.

Beware the Red Hand!

PADI Insurance Red Hand
#2 It’s Important to Maintain Continuous Coverage

By not renewing, you will have a gap or lapse in your insurance and will not have coverage for any “prior acts.” This means if a student makes a claim against you for a wrongful act that occurred prior to your gap or lapse in coverage, then you would not be covered for this student’s claim. This would be a “prior act.”

#3 Ensure Your Application was Processed

If your application is returned due to incorrect or insufficient payment, forgetting to sign both pages, or because your PADI Pro membership is not renewed: you are without coverage.

We know you have options for professional liability coverage. Here is an overview of why you might choose PADI’s coverage.

With PADI-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance, you get quality coverage, risk management and legal support that you’ll find only from the dive industry insurance experts at Vicencia & Buckley and the PADI organization.

The PADI-endorsed Professional Liability policy includes:

  • the financial security and stability of a member of the AIG group of companies – an A XV Excellent rated United States insurance company
  • clear medical screening guidelines for PADI Members – use of the RSTC Medical Statement versus personal evaluation of the student’s appearance
  • claims-made coverage is triggered when you file an incident report for known incidents.
  • coverage for teaching introductory scuba experience programs in open water that meet RSTC Standards.
  • coverage not provided in most other policies, such as coverage for denial of training due to medical or disability reasons. This means you are covered if you get sued for denying services due to a customer’s medical condition or disability.

Should a claim be filed, the PADI-endorsed Professional Liability policy provides:

  • on-site investigation of an incident by a licensed investigator.
  • legal defense in case of a covered claim.
  • indemnity payment for a covered claim if there is an award by the court or for an out-of-court settlement.

This year more than ever, it’s important to ensure you continue to choose the PADI-endorsed Professional Liability policy, the most consistent policy in the business. Renew your insurance today (Americas) and (Canada).