Meet Your 2018 Retail and Resort PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge Winners

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In 2018, PADI® Americas challenged PADI Dive Centers and Resorts to a friendly competition to see who could show the most percentage growth in Master Scuba Diver™ certifications. The following dive centers came out on top! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all that participated in the challenge. Your amazing achievements and dedication in certifying Master Scuba Divers continues to create loyal customers, confident and competent divers, and more stewards for the underwater world.

In no particular order, here are your 2018 Retail and Resort Master Scuba Diver Challenge Winners:

Scubatec Dive Center
Caracas, Venezuela

“We are very happy and pleased to have won the Master Scuba Diver Challenge in Venezuela. We worked hard to achieve it and also proved to ourselves that with work, dedication and professionalism, we can still achieve wonderful things despite adversities in our country.”

Blue Planet Scuba
Washington, D.C., USA

“Through promoting the MSD certification, we’ve seen a culture change within our shop among staff, students and even our more experienced divers. It has inspired people to continue their training and keep diving.”

Seattle Scuba
Seattle, USA

“We always have the Master Scuba Diver Challenge here at Seattle Scuba. It is a great accomplishment for our divers and we encourage all of them to aim for that certification.”

Go Pro Diving
George Town, Cayman Islands

“At Go Pro Cayman, our students in the Master Scuba Diver Challenge not only experienced the underwater world, but celebrated what they learned above the water afterwards. A fun challenge for all and well worth it.”

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