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In the effort to provide PADI Divers an elegant customer journey from point of purchase to product completion, PADI is on a digital product mission. PADI has always been a world-class leader in diver education and has always been committed to creating the best diver training materials in the world and delivering them to the global network of PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals. PADI Members have always offered the world’s most sought-after diver certifications and have always enabled people to explore our water planet confidently and competently. So what is new? This has just become significantly easier. PADI is rolling out some major updates to the (newly named) eLearning Environment.

Today, PADI Members send a code from the online processing center to their students to allow those users to access eLearning products. Users then get an email with a link to access the product and an option to choose communication emails in a language of their choice. None of these steps have changed.

But now, when users click the link in that email, they are then taken to a freshly designed page where they create accounts to access their digital products. (If they already have an account, they simply use their login credentials to access their new materials.) The speed and efficiency of the login and sign up processes has been significantly improved too.

The new environment is clean and uncluttered. There’s a menu bar across the top, which makes it nice and simple for users to find their way. It’s easy to access (by clicking either the logo or the item in the menu bar). It’s easy to change languages. There’s a help option where users can find the number to call (or click a link to send an email directly to) the PADI office that supports them. There’s also the ever-popular forgotten password option where users can enter their account email and get a link to reset their passwords. Information icons provide additional information should users need it. It’s a clean simple interface and it’s difficult to get confused.

Once users sign in, they have the option to confirm or change their address. Now the icon in the top left changes from PADI to PADI eLearning®, confirming users are in the eLearning™ Environment where all their courses reside. (A My Courses subhead confirms this). A simple, clean, panel identifies each course. Users can either click on the panel image or the View Courses box to access everything in their certification paks. All this content is clearly listed and seamlessly accessible, with user-friendly links and, one of the big improvements is that there is now only one single login to access the eLearning environment.

In their eLearning materials, users can see all the components in their certification paks: the tablet product, the low-resolution manual, the eRDPML™ and the eTraining Dive Log complete with a link straight to ScubaEarth where that log lives (instead of having to login yet again for ScubaEarth). Obviously, the components vary with the course.

The bottom line is that it’s a much cleaner, more organized, user environment. The menu bar follows users wherever they go, so they always have those options. Things just got a lot easier for eLearners. There’s a lot more in store, expect other features to roll out regularly.

The Small Print/Technical Requirements

Tablet and Mobile Devices

  • iOS tablet and phone operating system 9 (limited support) 10 and 11. Current version and two previous versions
  • Android tablet and phone operating system Nougat and Oreo. Current version and two previous versions

Desktop/Web Viewer

  • Mac OSX 10.10 or later with the two most recent browser versions of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Windows 7 or 8.x with the two most recent browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Desktop Web Viewer not supported on tablets or phones

15 Replies to “PADI eLearning Environment Update”

  1. “In their eLearning materials, users can see all the components in their certification paks: the tablet product, the low-resolution manual, the eRDPML™ and the eTraining Dive Log complete with a link straight to ScubaEarth where that log lives”

    Still to ScubaEarth? When myPADIclub will become default e-logbook?

    1. Hi Tomek,
      This will definitely be updated soon. We are still in a beta phase with My PADI Club, but once we are ready to release it to the public, logging dives on My PADI Club will be the default.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  2. Glad to see PADI changing and keeping up with everyone else plus taking a leadership role in some areas. I wish you guys knew how many NAUI, SSI, and others who wanted me to drop
    My PADI and cross over to them. Sick of the Put Another Dollar In jokes. PADI on a phone does dial the PADI office thou. Coincidence?? Kind of funny. PADI forever!! Wish I could help PADI more.

  3. This is a great start! I’m looking forward to the ground up redesign of everything on this website for students and us PADIPros. Keep up the great work!!!

    Question: When are electronic Certification Cards going to be the standard and FREE version? I won’t and can’t see why anyone would pay for an electronic card that does not have a physical product when you give a plastic one for free that I can photograph and keep on my phone. Swap those please?

    1. We appreciate the feedback Greg. We are excited about all the improvements being made and will be launching the product updates soon as well.

      As far as eCards being free, we will pass this feedback to our product team that is working on these products.

      Thank you, PADI

  4. Is there a place on elearning where students can upload a photo? If students have certification cards with pictures, can you use one of the pictures and upload it to a new cert card?

    1. Hi Sue,
      This feature is not available at this time. Certification card photos must be uploaded separately. We will send through this feedback to our product team.

      Thank you,

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