Gotham Divers Experiences 25% Growth After Crossing Over to PADI

Written by Megan Denny


Gotham Divers began when two dive buddies, Alex Barnard and Tim Hughes, joined forces to offer dive training, adventure and community to the divers of New York City. Their goal was to create a place for friendly gatherings both in the store and at sea – for divers of all levels.

In 2017, Gotham Divers took their business to a new level by crossing over to PADI. “A couple of years into owning Gotham Divers we decided it would be in the interest of the store to crossover to PADI,” explained co-owner Tim Hughes.

“The power of the brand was already very clear from dealing with potential customers and we wanted to tap into that,” Tim said. “We found out a crossover could be arranged that would fit around our busy schedule, and we jumped at the opportunity.”

Instructor Pete and Gotham Divers owners Alex and Tim.
Instructor Pete and Gotham Divers owners Alex and Tim.

“Before the crossover we were worried that the course would be mostly about drinking the PADI Kool-Aid since it seems like a huge and imposing agency,” Alex said. “Happily we turned out to be wrong with our worries. Since crossing over we’ve seen a 25% increase in business.”

Tim added, “Adam, Stush and John ran a very professional course which we all enjoyed and found informative. They knew that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work given the huge differences between local dive stores so they took the time to understand our business and gave us many suggestions based on that. Many of these could seem inconsequential but they definitely improved the flow of our classes and were greatly appreciated by us and I’m sure our students get an even better experience for them.”
Gotham Divers specializes in dive trips to explore historic shipwrecks, both local wrecks and those in more tropical climates. Check out Gotham Divers’ Facebook page to learn more about the wreck diving sites they visit.

Gotham Divers
Gotham Divers

Gotham Divers also offers certifications ice diving, mine diving, and a wide variety of recreational and technical diving courses. To learn more about Gotham Divers, visit their website You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram @gothamdivers.

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