A New Wave of Ocean Protection

Support Project AWARE®’s next wave of ocean protection with your PADI® Member Renewal


With 25 years of ocean conservation successes fueled by an incredible network of supporters, governments, businesses, NGOs and conservation partners, Project AWARE has much to celebrate with PADI Members.

To highlight this incredible milestone and join in the celebrations, PADI is launching a special limited edition Project AWARE card – The 25 Years of Partnership for Ocean Protection limited edition card is available to PADI Pros from October 2017 and will be available to student divers throughout 2018 when it launches in January.

00606_AWARE_C_CardFINAL-300x188Two Ways to Support Project AWARE’s Next Wave of Ocean Conservation

  • Choose the new 25 Years of Partnership for Ocean Protection limited edition card as your PADI Membership card
  • Donate to Project AWARE with your PADI Member Renewal today!

Go to the PADI Pros’ Site to update your credit or debit card details and add your donation to support Project AWARE’s critical conservation work!

Your support gives the ocean a voice, help secure important policy advancements to keep shark and ray populations healthy and protect marine life from the onslaught of marine debris.


Special Offer: Limited Edition Project AWARE 25th Anniversary Mask Strap

Project AWARE’s special 25th Anniversary limited edition mask strap is now available as a special thank you gift when donating through your PADI member renewal. The gift is available to any PADI member donating $25/€15/£15 or more.

One Reply to “A New Wave of Ocean Protection”

  1. Having worked for a biologist I really appreciate the aware projects like dive against debris. I have, however, wondered if we are not missing something, I live in the heartland’s near the Mississippi River, which is where we do most for diving, for work not for pleasure. The banks of the rivers and streams that we work in our literally covered in areas with plastic bags, pieces of rope, plastic bottles, and children’s toys. I really think it would be great if project aware could start pushing something that would stop those items from making it to the ocean. Once they are in the rivers, they will eventually reach the ocean. This was really brought home to me on a trip to Bonaire. On the windward side of the island. They make statues out of the trash that blows up on the shore. Near my hometown was a Pepsi bottling plant. They distributed their product only in the Midwest with the range of about 200 miles. Hanging from one of the statues was an old tattered plastic bottle with the faded label still on it. Showing it was made in Quincy, Illinois. So, in reality, it might have been brought there by tourist and left there on the beach. But it is just as likely that someone dropped it out of the car window where it made its way to the Mississippi River and there floated down to the Gulf and catching a ride on the currents ended up on the shores of Bonaire.

    We would be doing the ocean a great service If we would spend some time getting trash before it makes it to the ocean.

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