PADI-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance for PADI Americas


Unmatched in the Industry

When you compare coverage, service and price, you’ll find that PADI® -endorsed professional liability insurance provides the industry’s best coverage at the best price. In addition to unmatched service and support, the PADI-endorsed professional liability insurance program offers:

  • The industry’s only A++ XV rated US insurance company. A++XV is the highest rating possible.
  • The lowest price in the industry for the best coverage. PADI-endorsed insurance is the most competitively priced insurance coverage available to dive professionals for the 2017-2018 policy year, with no price change from 2016. It’s the most stable insurance program in the industry today and offers you the best value.
  • Unlimited defense costs outside policy limits with no “rider” necessary. With the PADI-endorsed policy there are no limits to the amount of money the insurance company will invest to defend you. Other polices in the industry either have a limit or the defense cost comes out of the total policy limits.
  • No General Standards Warranty. Some policies don’t provide coverage if the dive professional’s actions are not absolutely consistent with all agency training standards.
  • No reduced ratios for introductory scuba open water dives. The PADI-endorsed policy provides coverage for the conduct of introductory programs that meet Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) standards. Specifically, it provides coverage for conducting open water dives at a 4:1 ratio. Other policies only provide coverage for open water dives at a 2:1 ratio (1:1 under age 15).
  • Prior acts coverage. Changing from one professional liability policy to another can result in a “loss of prior acts coverage” with some policies on the market, which could leave you bare for claims resulting from incidents or instruction that occurred in the past. The PADI-endorsed professional liability program provides prior acts coverage for claims dating back to your first date of uninterrupted professional liability coverage or 30 June 1992, whichever is later.
  • Effective dates through the entire year (30 June 2017 to 30 June 2018). Other policies may not be effective 30 June 2017, causing a gap in coverage.

For more than 30 years, PADI-endorsed insurance has remained the market leader with coverage that is clear and policies that are easy to understand. With the PADI-endorsed policy, you also get the most experienced defense, risk management and insurance teams in the industry.

Enroll in or renew your PADI-endorsed professional liability insurance today to lock in the best prices and coverage of the year.

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