How to Host a Scuba Ladies Night

Sell More Gear and Classes

Written by Megan Denny


Around the globe, hundreds of PADI® Dive Centers and Resorts are planning events to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day. If you’re not the tu-tu type or just haven’t had time to plan something, read on for a turnkey event idea based on the $1.2 million US success of PADI Pro Nights.

If you’ve ever hosted a PADI Pro Night, you know it’s a great way to sell gear and fill your class pipeline months in advance. Some dive centers have used the Pro Night framework to promote travel and fill their exotic trips. Women are the decision makers for 85 percent of household purchases and have $125 billion US annual spending power (source: Forbes). So, why not host a special event, built on the Pro Night framework, to promote scuba diving to women and their families?

In lieu of the presentation about becoming a PADI Pro, have female instructors or active female divers talk about why they love diving. Show off the gear you carry that’s specific to women, and consider scheduling an all-female PADI Open Water Diver class. Create opportunities for women to ask questions, get to know your staff, and feel welcome at your shop.

Create an event for and about women

Ask your female staff and active divers for event suggestions. Are ladies in your area more into an evening wine tasting, or would they prefer a cookout where their kids can play and run around? Call your event a Ladies Night, Gathering of the Goddesses or Mermaid Meetup (be creative), and schedule it on PADI Women’s Dive Day, 15 July, or not.

The important thing is to make the event for and about women. Line up female staff or dive club members to share why scuba plays an important role in their lives. Challenge current customers to attend and bring a female friend who could use a little more fun and adventure in her life.


Promote the event

  • Visit the PADI Pros’ Site Women in Diving page to download customizable PADI Women’s Dive Day marketing materials.
  • Create an event invite and include photos of female divers, staff or members of your dive club.
  • When posting to social media, invite current customers to tag a female friend who has mermaid potential.
  • Email female customers you haven’t seen in awhile and invite them to attend the event and sign up for ReActivate®.
  • Promote the equipment you carry for female divers on your Facebook page or Instagram account and invite female staff to comment.
  • Preview your one-night-only training/travel/gear packages via email and social media.
  • Use #PADIWomen and #PADIWomensDiveDay to promote your event on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Register your event on the PADI Women’s Dive Day Event Locator at com/women-dive.

Prepare for the event

  • Display gear, apparel and other items that appeal to female divers.
  • If needed, rearrange the store to make it more stroller and child-friendly.
  • Consider arranging for childcare or someone to keep little ones entertained.
  • Schedule three or four female staff or dive club members to be guest speakers.
  • Create special training, travel and/or gear packages.

Create exclusive packages

  • Offer deals on multiple sets of gear or certifications for multiple family members.
  • Feature upcoming trips that are family-friendly.
  • Offer incentives for current customers to convince a friend to sign up.

USA TourThe key to selling packages at an event is one-night-only specials. Savvy dive centers know when a customers says, “I’ll think about it and call you tomorrow” it’s akin to no sale.

Another tip: include PADI eLearning® in your training packages. Working women and those with family commitments will appreciate this flexible, go-at-your-own-pace option.

At the event

  • Interview female staff or dive club members. Ask them how they became a diver, to share their best diving story and what scuba diving means to them.
  • Set out a box where people can submit questions anonymously.
  • Pass out small mementos that the guests will see the next day and smile.
  • Take photos and encourage PADI Women’s Dive Day participants to tag their photos with #PADIWomen for a chance to be featured on PADI’s social channels.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the free tools and templates to promote your Women’s Dive Day/Night event. For additional event inspiration, check out our 2017 Women’s Dive Day event spotlight and to learn more about Women’s Dive Day, visit the Women’s Dive Day page on

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