Have You Renewed Your PADI-endorsed Dive Center and Resort Insurance?


Stay protected with PADI-endorsed Dive Center and Resort Insurance by renewing your coverage today. PADI-endorsed policies run from 30 June 2017 until 30 June 2018, so if you haven’t renewed yet, you may not be covered. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the PADI-endorsed Dive Center and Resort Insurance program.

  • The industry’s only A++ XV rated US Insurance Company – A++ XV is the highest rating possible.
  • Group Professional Liability with Prior Acts Coverage – This plan provides professional liability insurance to your pro staff (PADI® Professional Members, plus 25 percent of the store’s total insureds may be pros from other agencies) and the store for one low price. Other insurance policies do not cover “prior acts” for unknown and unreported incidents. PADI-endorsed prior acts coverage dates back to 30 June 1992, if there is no gap in coverage with any insurer.
  • Contingent Professional Liability – This exclusive coverage is designed to defend your business if sued as a result of an inwater incident when a professional’s insurance is not valid. The PADI-endorsed policy is the only policy in the industry that includes this coverage to defend your business, owners, officers and directors.
  • Waived Co-Insurance Requirement – A co-insurance requirement means that you must insure a certain percentage (such as 80-90 percent) of the value of your property, or face a reduction in payments should you have a loss. The PADI-endorsed property insurance has no such restriction allowing you to make your own decisions, unlike other policies available today.
  • Unlimited Defense Costs – With the PADI-endorsed policy there are no limits to the amount of money the insurance company will pay to defend you. Other policy defense costs come out of the total policy limits, reducing the amount available to pay for judgments or settlements. Stay protected with exclusive unlimited defense cost coverage.
  • Broadened Tenants Liability – The PADI-endorsed policy includes coverage for damage to your landlord’s building for fire, smoke, water and explosion. Other policies only include coverage for fire damage. Without this expanded coverage you may be liable for the landlord’s property damage for losses other than fire.

Stay protected and profitable with PADI-endorsed Dive Center and Resort Insurance

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