First PADI Freediver Instructor Training Course in the United States


Break out the champagne!

What a groundbreaking week for the PADI Freediver Program! This past week, three Freediver Instructor Candidates successfully completed the first PADI Freediver Instructor Training Course in the United States. This PADI “first” was instructed by PADI Ambassadiver™ and Freediver Instructor Trainer Forrest Simon of Go Native Freediving in Williston, Florida, home of the world-famous Devil’s Den and Blue Grotto fresh-water springs. The candidates included two South Florida watermen, Roy Ferreira and Willy Yuque, as well as recently spotlighted PADI Divemaster, 66-year-old John Harkins from Huntsville, Alabama. John’s completion of the PADI Freediver Instructor Course culminates the incredible first leg of his freediver journey which begun less than a year ago.

The four-day course consisted of skill building and knowledge development workshops that focused on instructional development, technique proficiency, and PADI Standards and Procedures, all designed to arm the Instructor candidates with the ability to teach the physical and mental skillset needed by every single one of their future PADI Freediver students.

Congratulations to Forrest and PADI’s newest Freediver Professionals, Roy, Willy and John, who are integral to establishing a safe, competent and credible PADI Freediver community.

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