PADI Miniseminars at DEMA Show 2016


Dive professionals know it makes good sense to plan ahead; now’s the time to do just that for the 2016 DEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Start by securing early bird pricing of $106 US per night (plus tax, and subject to change) at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. The PADI Course Director Update, EFR Instructor Trainer, and the not-to-be-missed PADI Social will take place downstairs in the hotel convention center, so you’ll be staying in the center of the action. Contact the PADI Travel Network at 800 736 7021 (US and Canada), or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2539 to reserve your room today.

miniseminar2016_padiproductsWith that taken care of, why not take a look at the extensive menu of PADI Miniseminars at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s a good bet that you will probably want to start with PADI Products, Programs and Standards, and Risk Management 2016: Protect Your Divers and Yourself. These two perennial favorites are required (along with two other presentations) to regain Teaching status after a lapse of one to three years.

Pick and choose others that best fit your personal or business strategy, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your reach with the cutting-edge and cost-effective marketing insights you’ll find in Modern Marketing Solutions, Dive it Forward With Course Linking, Extending the Customer Life Cycle Beyond Open Water Diver Certification, and Niche Market Mastery. Don’t forget to Engage with China for advice and tactics on how to serve the fastest growing tourism market in the world.

miniseminar2016_chinaOther PADI Miniseminars include 21st Century Customer Service, Integrating Digital Products, and the CDTC Q&A: What It Takes to Become a PADI Course Director (it’s never to early to plan for this ultimate goal). For those with the majority of a career under their belts, Retirement Planning 101 could be considered mandatory.

Grab your calendar, book your room and make your choices – plan now for a successful 2016 DEMA Show.

Miniseminars at the Las Vegas Convention Center

By attending the PADI Products, Programs and Standards and Risk Management 2016 miniseminars along with two additional presentations, PADI Members can regain Teaching Status after not renewing for one to three years. To gain seminar credits toward the PADI Master Instructor rating or Course Director Training Course application, PADI Members receive one credit for every three PADI Miniseminars attended. Attendance validation is required for credit and forms will be available at the seminars.

PADI Products, Programs and Standards 
(Required for Credit)
Discover how to leverage new products and programs to increase business while learning about any additional standards changes that will affect your daily teaching. This 60-minute seminar will cover the updated PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and key links to new and existing PADI Specialty Diver courses.
Risk Management 2016: Protect Your Divers and Yourself 
(Required for Credit)
Are you 100 percent prepared in your ongoing efforts to avoid dive accidents? Determine how prepared you are through an analysis of real dive incidents and learn how conservative decisions provide better protection. You’ll also learn how to better manage risk in diver education programs and throughout your dive business.
CDTC Q&A: What It Takes to Become a PADI Course Director PADI Course Director is the ultimate PADI Professional rating. Come to this miniseminar to learn how you can reach this goal and about the prerequisites, application procedures and acceptance protocols for the Course Director Training Course.
Dive it Forward With Course Linking The PADI System of diver education provides many opportunities to increase efficiency and course profitability during each training session you conduct. By teaching multiple courses concurrently or linking courses together, you can provide value that your customers want, while differentiating yourself from the competition. Find out which course combinations work best and how to get started right away.
Integrating Digital Products Whether you’re a dive professional, retailer or resort, PADI’s Digital Products are designed to increase diver acquisition and retention. The hardest part is determining how to fit it in your pre-existing business model. This one-hour seminar will provide you with an overview of the PADI Digital Suite, digital integration best practices and ideas on how to make your business technologically sustainable for modern consumers.
How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value – Going Beyond Open Water Attracting new customers requires significant resources, so don’t just say goodbye after Open Water Diver certification. Increase customer retention and turn new divers into loyal customers and advocates through new opportunities available from PADI.
21st Century Customer Service Learn how to fine-tune your customer service to fit in the modern dive market. By improving your interactions with customers, managing your online reputation and properly training your staff, you can elevate your customer experience to new levels. If you’re a store owner, manager or employee, you don’t want to miss this seminar.
Retirement Planning 101 Have you thought about the future for your dive business? Join PADI staff in a discussion about succession planning for owners entertaining the idea of retirement. Find out how to prepare your business and employees for the transition.
Niche Market Mastery We often hear from PADI Members that the most noticeable gains in new profitability come from smaller, niche markets. This one-hour seminar will provide new ways to increase your peak and off-season customer referral business, professional level training and youth programs.
Modern Marketing Solutions Marketing is a business component that many professionals and business owners tend to overlook. This seminar will provide a tutorial on how to set realistic goals, target the right audience – nondivers, youth, women, etc. – create a viable marketing plan and execute it with confidence.
Engage with China – 与中国共赢 Nearly one out of ten international tourists come from China. Growing affluence, longer holidays, fewer visa conditions and more repeat travellers means that this trend is on the rise. If you wish to engage with this emerging market, your next step is to tailor language, products and services to Chinese tourists. Join us to learn the best industry practices to attract these travellers and the tourism potential through e-commerce.


PADI Partners

Grow Your Business with EVE SPLASH Learn how EVE SPLASH can take care of the marketing and communication to help you grow your business. Attend this one-hour seminar and walk away with easy-to-implement processes to help you place ads, attract new students, take bookings, manage leads, certify divers and automate follow-up communications.
Protect What You Love! Adopt a Dive Site™ with Project AWARE® Want to take your Dive Against Debris™ to the next level? Join Project AWARE for an exclusive inside look at its latest initiative, Adopt a Dive Site – a unique and powerful way for dive centers, resorts and leaders to engage in ongoing, local protection and monitoring of your favorite underwater playgrounds. You’ll not only deepen your knowledge of the global marine debris issue, you’ll also walk away with new tools and resources to help you share your stewardship of the ocean with your customers and community.
PADI Swim School:  How to Grow Your Scuba Business Learn how adding swim lessons to your business not only provides additional income and job opportunity, but brings new swimmers, new divers, families of divers and the community into your business. Whether you have a pool, rent a pool, want a pool or have an ocean available, PADI Swim School is for you!


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