Are You on the 2015 Elite Instructor List?

Elite Instructor 2015

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 PADI Elite Instructor Award!

Top-certifying PADI Instructors around the world are celebrating as PADI announces the recipients of the 2015 Elite Instructor Award. This award celebrates the achievements of PADI Instructors who issued 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300+ certifications during 2015.

The Elite Instructor Award distinguishes PADI professionals by highlighting their experience as PADI Members and gives them the means to promote their elite status to student divers, potential students, prospective employers and others. Elite Instructor Award recipients receive an acknowledgement letter and recognition certificate (both signed by PADI President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Drew Richardson), a decal to add to their instructor cards, and an e-badge they may use on emails, websites, blogs and social media pages. Elite award instructors may authorize PADI Dive Centers or Resorts with which they associate to display their Elite Instructor Award on the business’ digital site as well.

Check out the 2015 Global Elite Instructor Recipient List to see who earned an award for their 2015 certifications. Listed PADI Instructors can go to the “My Account” tab on this site to download their 2015 Elite Instructor e-badge, and should also be able to see their e-badge on their PADI Pro Chek results page.

“The Elite Instructor Award is a prestigious designation,” says PADI Americas Vice President Training, Sales & Field Services, James Morgan, “Now, these professionals can share their achievement with others by displaying their recognition decals and badges. And, who wouldn’t want to display ‘Elite Instructor Award’ on their PADI Instructor card each year? Or, be part of a PADI Dive Center or Resort with a roster of PADI Elite Instructors?”

Please visit the Elite Instructor information page to read about the 2016 program.

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