Improved Delivery for The Undersea Journal®

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PADI’s flagship publication, The Undersea Journal®, is about to join the digital evolution. Beginning with the first quarter 2016 issue, The Undersea Journal will migrate to a primarily digital delivery format for all PADI Members with a non-US mailing address. This change is to provide immediate access to the latest PADI news, updates and training standards. Long delays waiting for the publication to arrive will be a thing of the past as The Undersea Journal will be delivered via the popular Zinio platform on your favorite digital device. Once downloaded, you can enjoy the publication online or offline – the choice is yours.

In addition to expedited delivery, migrating The Undersea Journal to a digital format also supports the PADI organization’s commitment to green practices and contributes to the conservation and preservation of our planet.

The Undersea Journal will continue to include all of the content you’ve come to expect including the latest industry updates, member recognition, environmental achievements, dive business education and training standards. It will also continue to include the Training Bulletin, which is required reading for all PADI Members.

If you prefer to continue receiving a print edition of The Undersea Journal, you may change your delivery preference at any time by visiting the Preference Center in the Your Account section at the PADI Pros’ Site. Please note that a change from digital to print delivery is not instantaneous as mail labels may be printed up to six weeks in advance of a mailing.

Expect to receive an email notification of The Undersea Journal’s availability soon. Accessing your magazine from your favorite digital device is easy. From your computer, simply click on the link in the email, create a Zinio account if you don’t already have one and you’re ready to go. For an enhanced experience on your mobile device, download the Zinio app available from the Android, Apple and Microsoft stores. Visit the Zinio Help Center for more details on how to access your magazines.

The Undersea Journal digital version is just the latest in the PADI digital evolution of products and services to help you succeed as a dive professional. For questions regarding the digital Undersea Journal, contact PADI Customer Service.

10 Replies to “Improved Delivery for The Undersea Journal®”

  1. After doing a detailed review of my carbon footprint, I certainly deserve a printed edition. PS I would also like sportdiver but that isn’t happening unless I cough up more money.

  2. I absolutely agree with Paul and William. Already too much digital stuff to deal with. Not to mention now I will have to have a device or computer and an internet connection to sit and read /relax.

  3. i agree with everyone. I don’t want mine digital and if it goes digital I wont read it the same way I no longer read Sportdiver

  4. Dang! Hey William, Paul Scott, Shane & B Peet … No computer? How do you process PICS for your students? Or are you all Divemasters? Don’t get or read emails either? No FB, Nothing??? Wow. Dude. You need to come into the modern world. Are you all so old that you can’t use computers? I don’t understand. I’m over 60 and VERY computer literate. Help me understand your dislike of the digital world.

  5. Im with the majority. I want to sit and relax without my computer. Love a good magazine on the sofa. I dont even bother opening the digital ones, just hit delete! I also take the paper version on my charter boat to read in our down time?

  6. Just because you like it Sam does not mean everyone has to be like you. I agree, I want print, not digital and I am way younger than you. I have FB, internet, online PIC processing, etc…but I want a physical copy, as do my customers when it comes to catalogs. We are all different and tech is not always better. For instance, having a physical copy of a catalog for a customer reminds them of your product when they see it at the house. They do not look down at their phone and think, “oh, yeah…Scuba gear.” but a catalog with your branding does remind them and they can pick it up and thumb through it or go to the site and browse. Same with a print copy. Plus, I like something tangible for my money. I want a CD, not just a download for my music. If you don’t, that is your life buddy.

  7. Having a printed form for undersea journal and Sport diver.
    I take in more information, understand what is being put forward and I like reading from a book. I find it more relaxing less strain because I work with computers all day. But digital is fast for information.

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