Health and Life Insurance Options Now Available!

Vicencia & Buckley Insurance

As part of PADI’s value proposition and commitment to serving its members, PADI now offers comprehensive medical, dental and life insurance services for all U.S.-based members*.

Vicencia and Buckley Insurance, a Division of HUB International, make this significant new benefit possible. U.S.-based PADI Members now have access to affordable medical, dental and life insurance with leading carriers backed by the nation’s largest providers. Enrolling, and getting policies issued, is easy.

Open Enrollment begins 1 November 2015 and continues through 31 January 2016.

Health and Dental Insurance: Through, individuals and families can get quotes from leading health insurance carriers, compare health plans side by side, and purchase health insurance. Individual health insurance offers the convenience of choice: You choose which benefits you want in a plan. Premium options give you the freedom to choose what best fits your family’s budget.

Life Insurance: PADI has a new life-insurance price-comparison service available to PADI instructors who are U.S. residents. Now, you can easily compare the rates of 50 leading life insurers in seconds and have the freedom to apply to any company shown.  Special questions and filters designed for diving instructors ensures accurate life-insurance quotes. Instant life-insurance quotes from $5,000 US to $25 million US are now available at

Employer Small Group Health and Dental Insurance Plans: also offers competitive employer-sponsored group plans for groups ranging from two or more employees. has a vast portfolio of products and carrier relationships, which allow multiple proposals with flexible, affordable plans and competitive rates.

*Offer valid in U.S. only

4 Replies to “Health and Life Insurance Options Now Available!”

    1. Hi Molly, Life insurance is available for Canadian members so you can either call the following number or visit the website for more information: (866) 658-6163 or
      For health and dental insurance, please contact (800) 986-0475 or and they should be able to refer to you to insurance companies for Canadian members. Thank you, PADI

  1. Thanks for sharing your blog with us. It is very informative & useful content which can give more benefits of insurance plans for U.S based members. In addition, We at ISW provide support to insurance firms & wholesalers.

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