PADI ReActivate Overview and How To for PADI Pros

PADI ReActivate

The purpose of this article is to explain how to send PADI ReActivate™ codes and process students. For general information on the program, please check out the links below. Scroll down to learn about sending codes and processing ReActivate certs.

Information for consumers
ReActivate overview from PADI blog
ReActivate course overview from

Information for PADI Pros
ReActivate overview for PADI Pros
ReActivate Training Bulletin Special Edition
What’ll happen to Scuba Review?

ReActivate Online How To…

First, purchase a ReActivate course from your PADI Sales Consultant or from the online shopping cart (TIP: type in 71926-1 into the search box).

TIP: Be sure you have the student’s info
A ReActivate purchase automatically includes a replacement card for your student. The student may choose any one their certs to reactivate (Open Water, Enriched Air, etc). While you’re waiting for your code to appear, make sure you have the student’s name, date of birth, email address and either the cert level or the student number for the certification they’d like to reactivate.

About an hour after purchase, look for your code in the online processing center on the PADI Pros Site. To get to the online processing center (OLPC):

  • Look for a banner on the PADI Pros home page
  • Or, click Online Services from the main menu bar, then choose Online Processing Center from the drop down.

When the OLPC loads, click the Assign Codes button to get started.

Send PADI ReActivate code to student

Your recent ReActivate purchase will show up at the top. You can also filter for a ReActivate purchase by using the Product Type filter and choosing Touch.

Confirm you have all the student’s information:

  • Student name and date of birth OR student number
  • An email address.

When you have all of this info, click the Assign Code button at the end of the row.

How to send a PADI ReActivate code to a student

Pull up the diver’s record by entering a student number, or search for the student using the student’s name and date of birth.

Click Select to continue. Then click ReActivate next to the certification level the student would like to reactivate.

Send ReActivate code to student PADI

Lastly, enter the student’s email address and click Confirm. This will  generate an email to the student inviting them to download and start ReActivate. The student can download the program to their Android or iPad and/or view in a web browser.

ReActivate PC viewer

Processing ReActivate Students

When your student has completed their online and in-water training, return to the online processing center to submit their information to generate a new card.

  • From the online processing center home screen, click the Process/View Your Students to process students PADI OLPC
  • Filter for Product Type: Touch and scroll until you find your ReActivate student.You can also search for the student using the PADI ID on their completion form, or by typing in their name and birthdate.How to complete ReActivate certification PADI Pros
  • Confirm the student’s information (name, address, etc).
  • Upload a new photo or use the photo on file (shown if available)
  • Enter the ReActivated date and you’re done!

Fun fact: if the student ReActivating was a Junior Open Water Diver but is now old enough to be a regular Open Water Diver, the card will automatically come out sans Junior.

ReActivate Marketing Tips

  • PADI ReActivate imagesReActivate web banners are available on the PADI Pros’ Site in various sizes.
  • Offer ReActivate as an upsell to a replacement card request -if divers can’t find their card, they probably haven’t been diving in awhile.
  • Contact divers you haven’t seen in awhile – mine your customer database for divers who haven’t been active recently.
  • Package ReActivate with group trips – Include a special offer in travel documents or confirmations for divers to refresh their skills prior to leaving on the trip. That way they get to practice their skills and meet their travel companions.

Are you doing something special to promote PADI ReActivate? Email and you may be featured in an upcoming Surface Interval article.

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