How To: Get Divemaster Applications Processed Without Delay

PADI Divemaster sticker

Divemaster candidates have been working hard and applications have been streaming into the PADI Offices. PADI strives to process all apps promptly, however they are occasionally delayed due to missing documentation.

The most common reason for a delay is missing documentation when the applicant has completed a non-EFR first aid and CPR course. Non-EFR first aid/ CPR courses can meet the requirement for Divemaster; however, documentation of course completion must be included with the application.

The PADI Instructor Manual lists the qualifying certification description for EFR Primary Care as proof of current CPR training, and for EFR Secondary Care as proof of current first aid training. Most CPR/first aid courses are accepted provided they meet current emergency care guidelines. If you’re uncertain about whether your candidate’s CPR/first aid course meets the necessary requirements, please contact your Regional Training Consultant to verify.

Please note: First aid and CPR courses taught entirely online do not meet Divemaster requirements (nor do they meet other first aid/CPR requirements for other PADI courses).

Here’s how to ensure your Divemaster candidate’s application is processed as quickly as possible:

  1. Verify the certification information is complete
  2. Verify that all required signatures are there
  3. Make sure that the application is completed in its entirety – including the hologram sticker
  4. When submitting prerequisite certifications from other organizations, including CPR/first aid course completions, make sure that copies of these are attached to the application.
  5. Provide payment information.
    Here are the PADI Americas Application Fees.

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • A copy of both sides of the certifying organization’s certification card.
  • A copy of the certifying organization’s wall certificate.
  • A letter on the certifying organization’s letterhead verifying the certification

Clarification on Dive Medicals

PADI Divemaster, (Assistant) Instructor and other PADI Pro level training clearly list the important course prerequisite that the candidate must be medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within 12 months.

As this is a course prerequisite, both the PADI Instructor conducting the course and the PADI dive shop where the training is conducted are responsible to ensure that this dive medical is in place prior to starting the course – or at the very latest before conducting any in-water sessions (also if these take place in swimming pool or confined water). It is a violation of PADI Training Standards to take candidates into the water for training activities while not yet having a fit to dive medical on file.

The above also applies for any students on other PADI courses that involve dives and where they indicated “Yes” to any question(s) on the Medical Statement / Questionnaire. If their medical condition changes during the course, they must be re-evaluated and again cleared for diving by a physician prior to continuing the training. A fit to dive medical must also still be valid (less than one year old) at time of course completion.

Tips to ensure / verify appropriate dive medical documentation is in place at the start and end of every course:

  1. The dive medical must clearly state at least the following specific information:
    • Full name and details (e.g. date of birth) to identify the diver
    • Clearance for diving (e.g. “fit to dive”)
    • Full name and contact details of the physician
    • Physician’s signature and date
  2. Keep a copy on file (the diver keeps the original of their own medical)

8 Replies to “How To: Get Divemaster Applications Processed Without Delay”

  1. hola. queria saber la direcion a donde tengo que enviar mi aplicacion de divemaster para tener mi tarjeta! gracias

  2. Hello,
    I just finished my PADI DM course but I can quite figure out where to mail the application to. Is it the PADI Americas office found at 30151 Tomas
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688, USA

    Thank you!

  3. Hola yo ya soy DM y según tengo entendido no puedes mandar aplicación sin el holograma verde, pero justo mi novio acaba de terminar el curso y lo único que le falta por hacer es enviar los papeles, el problema es que no encuentra el holograma qué se puede hacer en este caso? tiene que volver a comprar todo el material o cómo puede hacerle?

    Gracias por la atención y la respuesta

    1. Hola Gabriela, gracias por contactar! Nuestra recomendación es ponerse en contacto con nuestro equipo de servicio al cliente para obtener asistencia: o teléfono +1 949 858 7234 ellos estarán contentos de ayudarte. Simplemente necesitas darles tu fecha de nacimiento, dirección de correo electrónico y/o tu número PADI para que puedan resolver tu solicitud.


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