Elite Instructor My PADI Challenge


Were you an Elite Instructor in 2014? If so, hope you are ready for a little friendly competition!

Take the Elite Instructor my PADI® Challenge from 1 July through 30 September and you can win a 2016 PADI Membership Renewal, personalized PADI Gear and recognition at DEMA Show 2015. You’ll also be featured in the my PADI marketing campaign!

You’ll compete against others in your same 2014 Elite Instructor category and there’s no need to enter or apply because your PADI Regional Headquarters will track your growth for you. Those showing the most percentage growth in certifications (as compared to the same time frame last year) will win. Simple as that!

Get the full details – including the official contest rules – at the Elite Instructor my PADI Challenge page.

Now, get certifying and good luck!

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