PADI Women’s Dive Day – 18 July 2015

Women's Dive Day
Where are you diving on 18 July 2015? You can show your support of the female dive market by organizing a local dive or event for PADI Women’s Dive Day. It’s a genuine way to get more women together, in the water and involved in diving. PADI Members from around the world are hosting events to celebrate women’s contributions to recreational diving and to attract the next generation of female divers, explorers, and underwater photographers.

Why should you get involved in this initiative?
The PADI organization has witnessed a gradual increase in the proportion of female divers in recent years:

Women Certification Stats
Also, many brands have been shifting focus to female consumers over the last decade, adjusting product offerings, marketing messages and business models accordingly. Even historically male-focused industries have realized the business potential females wield as the primary decision makers in many households.
Are your marketing efforts targeting women specifically? If not, now’s the time to start.

If you’re interested in organizing a Women’s Dive Day event on 18 July in your area and get listed on the PADI Women’s Dive Day webpage, please send an email to

Get featured! The top five PADI Women’s Dive Day events will be featured in an upcoming issue of Sport Diver magazine!

2 Replies to “PADI Women’s Dive Day – 18 July 2015”

  1. Hi there,

    What a great initiative!

    For this year we have some logistical problems because it’s quite soon already and “our” women are teaching diving and having other engagements.
    We will do the best we can, like special womenswear (BCD’s and so on) for women and bubble makers especially for girls.

    Could you tell me wether this will be a yearly event? And if so, will it be on the 18th of July or the weekend around that date? So we can start organizing sooner for next year.

    Kind regards,

    Maaike Posthuma

    1. Hi Maaike,
      Thanks for your interest and feedback. Based on participation so far this year, we do anticipate that PADI Women’s Dive Day will be an annual event around the same time each year, on a weekend in mid-July. While we are designating this special day to celebrate female divers, we encourage divers and dive shops to organize similar initiatives throughout the year.

      We hope you’re able to either participate this year or prepare for next year. Please feel free to send an email to with any additional questions or if you would like to add an event to the event locator.

      Best regards,
      The Team at PADI

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