New Online Processing Center Coming Soon – Old PIC Online Being Retired

UPDATE: The new Online Processing Center has launched as of 1 Sep 2015. Read more about using the new online processing center.

Based on PADI Member feedback, the Online Processing Center is currently being enhanced to improve usability and digital product management. The improvements affect both design and organization of the site, making standard PIC processing and processing student divers with digital codes easier and more intuitive. Once the new Online Processing Center goes live in August, the old PIC Online application will be retired, and all online certifications will need to be processed via the revamped Online Processing Center.

You will want to start using the current Online Processing Center since the old PIC Online application will be deleted soon, which will be a much easier transition for you once the revised version launches.

The revised Online Processing Center will be available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic.

The enhancements provide a better user experience with a more structured platform and simplified navigation. The platform is also mobile optimized, which means you can process certifications using your mobile device from anywhere you have an internet connection.


Some of the exciting enhancements to the Online Processing Center are:

  • Reorganization and simplified navigation (all digital codes are managed under one section).
  • Mobile optimization of all screens.
  • Simplified language and wording throughout the portal.
  • Digital codes scoreboard for a quick reference of your available codes.
  • Integrated tooltips to provide descriptions of each section or application.
  • Improved filtering and sorting options of digital code data.
  • Drop-down menu of languages.

If you haven’t already, start using the current Online Processing Center and becoming familiar with processing both your standard PICs and students with digital codes through this portal, so you will be ready for the launch of the revised site. If you have any additional questions, please contact your PADI Regional Headquarters Training and Customer Service team.

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  1. Addressing the photo up load section of the new site would have been a great thing. As photo files get larger and megabytes get bigger customers emailing photos require editing and down sizing be fore we can process them. Seems the file criteria for PADI is outdated to the today’s standards of file formatting!

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