PADI Email Templates – Use with Eve, MailChimp, Outlook

PADI email templates

Email remains a key tool in diver recruitment and retention. To help PADI Members save time, we’ve created dozens of free email templates you can download and use with MailChimp, Outlook and of course EVE.

Here are a few of the email topics to choose from:

  • Learn to dive
  • Take the next step (Advanced, Rescue, etc)
  • Reminders to purchase mask, fins and snorkel
  • Monthly eNewsletter template
  • Learn to dive inquiry
  • Course completion congratulatory emails
  • Gear service reminders
  • “Here’s your receipt”
  • Birthday and holiday-themed
  • GoPro, TecRec, etc.

PADI email templates EVE MailChimp Outlook

Our email template offerings can be found in two locations.

  • The PADI email templates found here can be used with EVE and/or Mail Chimp.
  • Additional email templates can be found on the Pros Site and used with EVE, MailChimp* or Outlook.Please be sure you are logged into the PADI Pros Site before clicking the link above. You can also access the templates by clicking on: Toolbox –> Marketing –> Web and Email Marketing –> (scroll down)

EVE is the most convenient way to automatically send out emails to your customers based on their certifications, equipment service history, birthday etc. If you are not an EVE user, you can still use these templates if you are a MailChimp our Outlook user.

How to Use PADI email templates with Outlook

#1 Click on the email template you’d like to use and save as an HTML file to your desktop.

#2 Send page by email (File > Send > Page by E-Mail…)

#3 Edit the message: add your eLearning and Facebook links by right clicking the links once, edit the text, update your contact details, etc.

#4 Send the email to yourself as a test. Then, send to the relevant customers  (remember to use ‘BCC’ rather than ‘To’).

We have a how to video detailing the entire process of sending the emails via EVE or Outlook. The templates work with Mail Chimp as well.

How to Use PADI email templates with MailChimp

#1 Click on the email template you’d like to use and save as an HTML file to your desktop.

#2 Upload to MailChimp by selecting Create a Template and the choose Code Your Own. Now, upload the file from your desktop.

#3 Customize with your eLearning links, contact info, etc.

#4 Proceed to preview and test, then send out as you would any other MailChimp message.

PADI email template Mail Chimp MailChimp scuba PADI email how to

*The email templates on the Pros Site (only those found on the Pros Site) need a small modification to work with Mail Chimp. Please see image below showing the place where you need to change the mail merge tag. It’s a simple change that will allow your messages to include the recipient’s name.

using PADI email templates with Mail Chimp
Make sure you’re employing the *[FNAME]* merge tag

5 Replies to “PADI Email Templates – Use with Eve, MailChimp, Outlook”

    1. Hi Richard, for the answer to your question, my suggestion would be to Google, “use HTML email templates with gmail” <– or Yahoo or Mail. If it's possible, someone has likely created a how to article or video.

      That said, Mail Chimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers and has two big benefits including keeping you in compliance with email laws and showing you who's opened your message. You can easily import existing contacts, give it a try! – Megan

    1. Hi Dan, have you tried using the templates with Constant Contact? They’re just HTML templates, so, there’s probably a way to use them. Suggest Googling it if you haven’t already, something like “use HTML template constant contact” or “upload HTML email template constant contact.” I have not heard of any plans to create something special for Constant Contact. Let us know what you find out? Others will probably have the same question… – Megan

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