How To: Share Dives from ScubaEarth to Facebook

Share your logged dives from ScubaEarth to your favorite social network with just one click. After linking your social media account, you can post recent dives to your Facebook wall, Twitter stream, etc.

To connect your favorite social media account to ScubaEarth, click the Edit Profile link which appears under your profile picture. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Social Media.  Then, click the social network you prefer and login. This process will link your ScubaEarth account to your social media profile for quick sharing.


Next, go to your logbook and choose any dive to share it online. Look for the social media chicklets which appear next to the yellow star rating. Below are examples from a dive center and also an individual member’s profile.


share dives from ScubaEarth on Facebook


After clicking the social media sharing button, you’ll be prompted to include a message with your post and, depending on the social network, a choice to share the dive with anyone, or just friends.



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