New Incentive-Based Diver Referral Promotion

PADI Referral Incentive Program

Word of mouth – having a friend or family member say, “you’ve gotta try this!” or “scuba diving is the coolest thing I’ve ever done!” – is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers. That’s why the PADI organization is leveraging the power of the personal referral with an incentive-based referral program in August. The referral program is aimed at helping increase entry-level and continuing education certifications via PADI eLearning®, and in turn, drive more business through PADI Members’ doors.

The incentive-based program encourages PADI’s more than 1,000,000 Facebook fans to share an offer with their friends. The first offer is a $10 US coupon good for qualifying PADI eLearning programs. When someone shares on Facebook, they receive a voucher with an offer code, which they redeem during checkout when purchasing a qualifying eLearning program. Friends must share the offer with their Facebook friends to receive the same offer, and so on. The $10 eLearning incentive will run for a limited time.

Note: The $10 US incentive does not cut into the revenue share received by PADI Dive Centers and Resorts.

Everyone can earn rewards for referring friends. Help your Facebook fans and best customers grow your business by sharing the promotion in your newsletter, with your dive club group, on your store’s Facebook page and during course orientation.

The $10 US eLearning incentive is just one of several special offers to come throughout the remainder of the year. Stay tuned to Surface Interval and the PADI Facebook page for updates.

To learn more about the incentive-based referral program, make sure to attend the Business of Diving Webinar on 16 July.

4 Replies to “New Incentive-Based Diver Referral Promotion”

  1. I think it’s a great idea!
    Is his only for PADI nortamerica? I’m EMEA?
    I’m still finding out how the PADI’s relate to each other. If somebody could explain it to me, that would be great.

    1. Hi Maaike,

      PADI has three international offices (aka Regional Headquarters) that offer the same services (training, customer service, sales, etc) but not always the same promotions. In this instance, YES, all offices will be utilizing this incentive-based diver referral promotion. PADI Regional Headquarters support the efforts of individual professional members and PADI Dive Centers and Resorts in more than 183 countries and territories.

      Great question! – Megan from PADI

  2. Nice idea but when I went to the PADI Pro Site to grab some more details and information on the program, it is not listed any where. I don’t always have time to do the Webinairs and want to get the details on a program mentioned in the Surface Interval Newsletter or here on the blog but can never find details on the Pro Site to implement the program. It would make sense to me that all PADI marketing campaigns, updated graphics and other information should be listed in the marketing section of the pro site and that announcements of the programs should lead back to there and not just other PADI sites scattered over the web. It’s very frustrating to try to see what’s new and have to check multiple areas to track down the information. The Pro information chain seems to be very disconnected. I would love to see more focus on changing and updating the Pro site to make it useful and helpful to stores and instructors. I check things regularly and have trouble, I can only imagine those who do this part time never wanting to check the pro site because it’s so difficult to find the information. We have been promised an updated Pro site for years now, but it seems to just keep being put off for other projects. The new site looks great but the other one wasn’t as hard to use as the Pro site.

    1. Hi Tina. You’re right, we’re behind in uploading those graphics. That said, we’ll be promoting the referral program via PADI’s Facebook page in August, so one way to promote the program is to share off our page onto your Facebook profile. I’ll send you an email with some additional details. Also, re: The Pro’s Site, I agree it needs an overhaul. We’ve updated the PIC Online process this year which I hope you’ve had a chance to try out. As for the overall Pros Site update getting pushed back: eLearning and were prioritized as they play an important role in connecting divers who wish to purchase dive training with PADI Members and both were rather behind the times. Hopefully they’ll start work on the Pros Site in 2015. Thanks very much for your comment, and please check your email inbox for some additional comments and detail from me – Megan

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