PADI divePAL Computer Simulator Intro and Setup

PADI  divePAL Dive Simulator Access Card
product 70275

With an increasing number of PADI Instructors teaching the dive computer option in Open Water, we now have an improved dive computer simulator. Students can choose from a wide variety of different computers and practice plotting and analyzing their dives.

The simulator is included with the Open Water crewpak 60335 and eLearning crewpak 70821 and also available ala carte (product no. 70275). To see the divePAL computer simulator in action, or preview the set-up process without having to use up an access code, please view the videos below:

Students have the option to download divePAL onto their Windows desktop or laptop, or onto an Apple iPad. Additional divePAL overview videos and tutorials are available on YouTube. Simply search for divePAL.

PADI  divePAL Dive Simulator Access Card (back)

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