Top 10 Scuba Photos and Videos of 2013

Looking for great content to share with your dive buddies or Facebook followers? Below are the top 10 most liked and shared items from PADI’s Facebook page in 2013. Click the view on Facebook link next to each post to share the content on Facebook, or read some of the fun comments.

Let’s count ’em down!

#10 Who’s Counting Down the Hours Until the weekend?
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scuba baby weekend is coming soon

#9 Scuba Skydiving video
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Scuba Skydiving video

#8 What’s Your Favorite Snack After Scuba Diving?
The Octopie!
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Pizza Octopus Octopie

#7 Scuba Diving in Cenote Angelita
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Cenote Angelita  By Anatoly Beloshchin
photo credit Anatoly Beloshchin

#6 Airplane Wreck photo by Rico Besserdich
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scuba diver and airplane propeller underwater Rico Besserdich
photo credit: Rico Besserdich

#5 The Austrian Lake Where Hiking and Diving Meet
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Green Lake Austria underwater park bench and diver

#4 Bimini Hammerhead – The Story Behind the Shot
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photo credit Grant Johnson

#3 What’s Your Scuba Diver Nickname?
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What's Your Scuba Diver nickname?

#2 Quit work and go diving!
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Quit Your Job Become a Scuba Instructor

#1 Scuba Diving and Sunscreen -What You Need to Know
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Scuba Wetsuit Tan Lines

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