PADI Business Cards

As a PADI Pro, you’re eligible to order PADI-branded business cards. On the front, list your name and contact details. On the back, choose a Project AWARE message or an offer to redeem the card for a Discover Scuba experience.

For more information, or to order, visit the PADI Pro’s Site. Our 2016 pricing is the same as previous years: $40 – $50 per 1000 cards. The price depends on if the card is one or two sided. Shipping is an additional $11 (shipping to continental US).

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One Reply to “PADI Business Cards”

  1. The dive store owner bought the PADI business cards and we were all very dissappointed in them. The name font was so small it was hard to read the person’s name, but the PADI disclaimer was so outstanding it was the first thing people saw…a message from a lawyer. We all agreed while the concept was nice the overall presentation was not representative of us as an individual. The business cards look more like a legal disclaimer form and not a marketing tool to reflect the instructor personally.

    My suggestions are to:

    1) Make the instructor’s name the largest font size on the card; not one of the smallest
    2) If the legal disclaimer is absolutely necessary make it smaller and but it on the back.

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