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PADI Divemaster

‘Tis the season for Divemaster applications! Many Divemaster candidates have been working hard all summer and the applications have been streaming in. We strive to process all applications promptly, however they are occasionally delayed due to missing documentation.

The most common issue is missing documentation when the applicant has completed a non-EFR first aid and CPR course. Non-EFR first aid/ CPR courses can meet the requirement for Divemaster; however, documentation of course completion must be included with the application.

Most CPR/first aid courses are accepted provided they meet current emergency care guidelines. If you’re uncertain about whether your candidate’s CPR/first aid course meets the necessary requirements, please contact the Training Department at your PADI Regional Headquarters (training at padi dot com) to verify.

Please note: first aid and CPR courses taught entirely online do not meet Divemaster requirements (nor do they meet other first aid/CPR requirements for other PADI courses).

Here’s how to ensure your divemaster candidate’s application is processed as quickly as possible:

1. Verify that all certification information is complete
2. Verify that all required signatures are there
3. Make sure that the application is completed in its entirety – including the hologram sticker
4. When submitting prerequisite certifications from other organizations, including CPR/first aid course completions, make sure that copies of these are attached to the application.

Acceptable documentation includes:
• A copy of both sides of the certifying organization’s certification card.
• A copy of the certifying organization’s wall certificate.
• A letter on the certifying organization’s letterhead verifying the certification

For current DM fees, please visit our PADI Americas 2013 fees page, or contact your local PADI Office.

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