Marketing Support Roll-Out for PADI’s Scouts Canada Partnership Program


With the 2013 Scouts Canada Jamboree and the World Rover Scout Moot now complete, all hands are on deck as PADI begins its phase 2 PADI member marketing support to help PADI members to take advantage of the many excellent opportunities presented by PADI’s partnership with Scouts Canada.

To access some of these tools log into the Pro site, Under “Toolbox” click on “Marketing” then click on “Marketing Campaigns” and then under “For Youth:” click on “Scouts Canada.” Once there you will find a “Tips” document full of, you guessed it, tips! These tips will provide you with suggestions and real world advice on how to work effectively with Scouts Canada troops and leaders.

In this same area you will find a Power Point presentation to help you promote PADI Scuba Diving to Scouts Canada members. Additionally you will find a copy of the Scouts Canada / PADI Liability Release to use with all Scouts Canada members when doing PADI programs. Lastly, but far from least there is an excellent “Scuba Ops” booklet that you can give to prospective Scouts Canada troops / members. This booklet is a fantastic orientation to PADI Diving and the PADI / Scouts Canada partnership. You too will find this an informative read.

More marketing support is on the way including French language translated materials. Keep an eye in the Marketing Toolbox for more marketing support in the near future.

Scouts Canada is the country’s leading youth organization with more than 100,000 boys, girls and youths age 5-26 who participate in Scouts, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scout programs in cities and towns across Canada.

PADI has an agreement of understanding with Scouts Canada, positioning PADI as an official partner. This presents PADI Members like you with the opportunity to introduce Canadian Scouts to PADI scuba diving – so they can experience the shared joy, camaraderie and adventure of discovering the aquatic realm.

PADI is also Partnered with BSA, Boy Scouts of America. You will find lots of support and information on working with BSA in the Marketing Tool kit also.

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