Master Scuba Diver = Happy, capable divers and good business for you; win, win!


PADI’s Master Scuba Diver Program Rocks!

If you had a choice between a customer who took one course and purchased no gear, or a customer who took eight courses, committed to fifty (plus) dives and bought a full set of gear … who would you choose?

By the way that diver with the full set of gear, eight certifications and at least 50 dives in their log book is a PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Here are three reasons why you should implement your Master Scuba Diver program right now!

1. Why sell one course when you can instantly sell eight! The MSD program sets goals for your customers, which they must meet to be certified.

2. Studies show, that the more training your divers do and the more dives they make, the more gear they will purchase, and then in turn will dive even more.

3. Your diver retention rates will increase as your divers are more competent and more comfortable in the water.

Master Scuba Diver = OW Diver, Advanced OW Diver, Recue Diver and 5 different Specialty course certifications. Your PADI Regional Manager and Sales Representative can help yopu get your MSD programs in place, call them today!

Don’t wait! Put the Master Scuba Diver program to work for you today.

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