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ScubaEarth now has nearly 40,000 members and the number grows daily.

Here are some recent updates to be aware of:

Home page redesign ScubaEarth’s homepage has been redesigned and now includes a video explaining the value and benefits of ScubaEarth to consumers. There is also the option to login with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn credentials after your initial sign up (scroll down past the screengrab for details).


Log in using social media credentials – Once you’ve created an account you can link ScubaEarth with your favorite social media site. From the ScubaEarth homepage, click either the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn icon. After logging in using, for example your Gmail credentials, you will be prompted to link your ScubaEarth account. From that point forward, you can sign in using your selected social media login and password.

Advanced search option  – We made it easier for divers to connect with divers and PADI dive shops by doing an advanced search by name, filtered by a specific country, state or province. Site users can find the ‘Advanced Search’ link below the search box.

Logging dives – Logging a dive on ScubaEarth can take less than one minute with our streamlined process. After adding data for the five required fields (date, depth, temperature, visibility and bottom time), simply click the blue finish button.

You can also choose from recently logged dives so you don’t have to search for the dive site each time you want to log a dive.

Useful tip: Accessing the Site Quickly – Once you have registered for ScubaEarth for the first time via the PADI Pros’ Site, you can easily log via from then on which is considerably faster than via the Pro’s Site.

New ScubaEarth How To Videos Added

New videos include an overview of how to log a dive and how to add images or video (aka media) to your logged dive.

Existing videos include how to set up a ScubaEarth profile, how to add staff, and other useful topics.

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