New Email Requirement for PIC Online in Effect

All certifications submitted via PIC Online or DSD Registration Online now require a student email address.

Email addresses are required for quality management purposes and to help enhance diver safety by ensuring that the PADI courses and programs are conducted in accordance with PADI standards. History shows that customers taking PADI Programs are more likely to respond, and respond accurately, to Course Evaluation Questionnaires when the survey is received as quickly as possible following training, via email.

Your student has the ability to opt in or out of receiving promotional emails from PADI and its partners (Project AWARE, for example) at any time, including when the PIC Online is submitted. The screengrab below shows where you may indicate an email preference.

PADI email requirement PIC online

If your student is a minor, the email address of a parent or guardian may be provided if the parent or guardian chooses not to provide the minor’s email address. If the student does not have an email address, perhaps because they are a senior, please submit their information using a paper PIC or paper DSD registration form (as appropriate). This should only be done in limited circumstances where the customer does not have an email address.

As of 1 May 2013, you will not be able to submit a student via the online PIC form without a student email address. An error box will appear (see below) and the student will not be processed. If the student does not have, or chooses not to provide an email, please submit their certification or DSD registration using a paper form.


If your students question the need for an email address, please explain their address is only required for quality management purposes. The Course Evaluation Questionnaire they will receive via email helps us effectively and efficiently maintain PADI’s high standards for diving safety. The student may easily opt out of any PADI promotional mailings at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of all our messages.

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  1. The PIC system yesterday would not accept an email address from a student from Australia, it told me that it was not a valid email, when in fact it was – it was a – please address this, otherwise it’ll cause problems once you make the email mandatory. Thanks, Lindsay

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