EFR® Courses are Approved by Worksafe / Travail sécuritaire New Brunswick, Canada


Great news!  Approval has been granted by Worksafe / Travail sécuritaire New Brunswick, Canada to Emergency First Response Corp. to provide first aid training (Workplace Standard First Aid Course) in the Province of New Brunswick Canada. This is in addition to approval by Canada Occupational Safety and Health and the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and recognition by the Province of Alberta.

This means that, effective immediately, EFR instructors can offer workplace first aid training courses using new, Canada-approved EFR courseware. The new courseware is available now and includes a new participant manual – mandatory for workplace courses – (product no. 70091CA) along with a participant exam (product no. 71807CA) and addendum to the EFR Instructor Guide (product no. 70938CA.) Contact your PADI Sales Consultant to order these products, or get them as part of an EFR Instructor Start-up Pak (product number 60215CA) Ramp up your revenue by offering workplace First Aid Courses to local businesses.

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