PADI Divers Host TV Show


1/30/2013 Blog Post

“Why do those guys in the fancy bass boat have all that scuba gear?” (Just trust me. It’s hidden in the boat.)

Because they are PADI divers who use u/w photography to study fishing for their popular Outdoor Channel show Hook-n-Look.  Kim Stricker and his son Danny are the producers of Hook-n-Look, which has been on the Outdoor Channel for 6 years. This week they are working on the Rainbow River near Crystal River, FL filming the use of Power Poles, an articulated shallow water anchoring system used by many pro fishermen and they are trying out the new Humminbird 360 sonar system.

Here is Danny with a camera in a photo of the 360s’ screen.

photo (3)


Humminbird is well known to Public Safety Divers who have used the revolutionary side looking sonar for several years. This new unit reads the bottom to 150’ with nearly photo like images. It should prove very useful for divers in general, but specifically for Public Safety Divers. More info may be found at

So how cool is it to travel the country towing your very cool boat with your very cool truck filming the top pro fishermen in the county and diving the best fishing holes anywhere?

Kim and Danny just smile, “It’s cool.”

Check out their show on the Outdoor Channel Saturdays at 11 am and 4 pm and Sundays at 7 am. Their website is

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