Top 5 Scuba Videos of 2012

Here are our top five scuba diving videos from 2012. If you know of another video that escaped our notice, please post a link in the comments!

Note: the embedded videos below may not work for email subscribers, please click through to the PADI Pros Blog to view.

#5 Underwater marriage proposal
Read the story behind this video.

#4 Fishing Under Ice
(ice diving video filmed upside-down)

#3 Sidemount
cool video promoting the benefits of getting certified in sidemount

#2 Channel Islands Liveaboard
(chosen as GoPro’s video of the day)
The video has great editing and shows a lot of creativity.

Channel Islands Scuba Diving video

#1 Zombies in Utila
Thrills, spills and special effects. This video has it all. Okay, technically this is a topside video, but we hope you’ll agree this is a very creative video showing how much fun can happen when divers get together.

Want more? Check out our favorite scuba diving videos from 2011 – including a scuba diving chimp and a whale that loves mariachi music.

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