25 Years as a PADI Dive Center – On the doorstep to some of the best diving in the world

Bryan Erickson owner of Beaver Aquatics Ltd, or “Beaver Bryan” as he is often called, holds his PADI 25 year membership award.

Located on the doorstep to some of the world’s very best coldwater diving in Campbell River (Vancouver Island http://www.hellobc.com/british-columbia/things-to-do/water-activities/diving.aspx), British Columbia, Canada. Campbel River is a UW photographer’s heaven on Earth. No, the great diving here is not in a “river” but the town of Campbell River sits on the Pacific Ocean with great diving right beside it and with great service from Brian and his staff at Beaver Aquatics.

Bryan Erickson

PADI congradulates Beaver Aquatics for their many years of being a very important part of the way the world learns to dive!  Thank you Bryan.

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