Scuba Gift Ideas – Toys and Geeky Gifts

“Cyber Monday” is upon us, and in that spirit, here are some toys and geeky gift ideas for your favorite staff member or dive buddy. In case you missed it, check out our earlier post: Scuba Gift ideas for $20US or less.

Divers and Dive Instructors are our own special breed of gadget geeks. We like toys – but they’ve got to work hard, be eco-friendly and waterproof when possible.

You’ve seen the new dive gadgets at DEMA, so here is some topside gear for the topside part of your job.

Powerbag Messenger Bag or Backpack

Dive instructors are a plugged-in group for folks who spend a lot of time away from electrical outlets. Smartphones and tablets are a necessity today for taking PIC online photos of students, checking the PADI Instructor manual PDF, etc.

When those devices run low on batteries – Yikes!

A new brand of bag, Powerbag, includes a battery with ports for Apple and Android devices. You charge the bag’s battery before you leave for the day and then recharge your smart phone up to two times throughout the day.

The backpack comes in blue, black or red and has a padded pocket for a device up to 14″ and the messenger bag has a larger pocket for devices up to 15″.

Already have a bag you love?

How about a solar-powered battery booster?

  1. For iPhone
  2. For Android

…. or a rugged smartphone case?

Read our earlier article where we polled PADI Members for their favorite iPhone / Android protective cases.

recommended by scuba instructor Joshua Miller

Or check out this case recommended by a PADI Member on Google+:

Joshua Miller recommended the Seido CONVERT for iPhone (also available for Android). Thanks for following us on Google+, Joshua!

If you own an iPad or other tablet, protect it with one of our new PADI iPad sleeves – (product no. 82362).

PADI iPad Cover - product number 82362
PADI iPad Cover – product number 82362

Got a future diver who’s not old enough for that Jr OW card?

Spiderman in Scuba Gear

Spider man with Scuba Attack gear (although those fins look like they’d be better for boogey-boarding)

Or, for the aspiring rebreather diver…
Rebreather Spiderman

A great gift for the curious (of any age) is the PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving DVD-ROM
(product no. 70833).

The disc includes many interesting videos showing how different pieces of scuba equipment are made – see sample video on scuba tanks below.

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