Scuba Diver Gift Ideas for $20 or less

Looking back over the past year – were there any folks who made your life a little easier, or students who went above and beyond? Special recognition means a lot; with that in mind, here are some fun but inexpensive gifts ($20US or less) to say thanks to the VIPs in your life.

Shark Pencil or Toothbrush Holder

Whoever said sharks aren’t friendly to humans? This little guy is happy to keep your toothbrush or writing implements safe from harm.

Scuba Diver gift idea: Shark Pencil Holder Toothbrush Holder

PADI iPad / Tablet Cover
(while supplies last)

PADI iPad Sleeve Tablet Cover
Blue PADI Tablet Cover 82362
Black PADI ScubaEarth 82631

Deep Tea Diver
(metal or silicone)

Tea Caddy in Scuba Diver shape
Silicone Deep Tea Diver
Metal Scuba Diver Tea Infuser
Metal, Diver-shaped Tea Infuser

Bubblemaker Water Toy
(PADI product no. 50253)

PADI Bubblemaker purple and blue water toy
product number 50253

Shark Coffee Mug

Coffee Cup with Shark in the bottom

Octopus Coffee Mug

Mug with surprise octopus in the bottom

Shark Playing Cards
(3-D Lenticular)

Shark Playing Cards with 3-D Lenticular images

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