Top Smartphone Protective Cases

Waterproof smartphone case

OtterBox has been a popular choice to protect your smartphone from life’s little surprises.  A company called Ballstic says its $49.99(US)  Hard Core (HC) case is tougher than Otterbox, and yet another company (Casemate) claims their smartphone case is “military grade.”

Inc Magazine recently tested all three smartphone cases for their ruggedness. Read the complete article and results at

Or, click the links below to read customer reviews on each product from amazon.comprotective iPhone case

Casemate Tank (for iPhone4 and 4S) has a retractable screen cover.

Ballistic Hard Core  (available for the iPhone4, LG Nitro HD, Motorola Admiral, and HTC Evo 3D)

Otterbox Defender Series
(available for various Android phones, iPhone4 and 4S,
… and of course they have one for iPad (2nd and 3rd gen)

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