Shark Finning bans, what’s the progress?

Shark Finning bans, what’s the progress?

Sharkwater Trailer, Watch this first:

What is Shark Finning?

Commercially, fins are the most valuable part of the shark. “Finning” is the practice of slicing off the fins of the shark and discarding the body at sea.

Nearly one out of five shark species is classified by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) as Threatened with extinction. That doesn’t even include hundreds of species (almost half of all sharks) whose population status cannot be assessed because of lack of information. Scientists warn that, in actuality, a third of sharks might already be threatened. To learn more about Sharks in peril and to learn what you can do to make a difference click here:

More than 100 Countries having banned shark finning. The E.U. has a ban but there are enough loop holes in the regulations that you could fly an Airbus through them, sideways! But better something than nothing!  The momentum in Canada is finally building; Canadians are slowly but positively embracing initiatives to ban shark finning as we watch even more shark fin bans develop in Canada’s largest west coast cities!

Following in the footsteps of Toronto (Canada’s largest city) and many other Canadian cities including Calgary, Nanaimo, Port Moody, Abbotsford, Coquitlam and North Vancouver who have banned shark fins; the British Columbia neighbouring cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and Coquitlam British Columbia are working toward implementing a regional ban on the selling of shark fins.  Shark fin bans in the U.S.A. include the States of Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Illinois.

Keep spreading the word, we’re not there yet …. but we are making progress 🙂

Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby’s shark fin ban efforts:   And:

Calgary Canada’s shark fin ban efforts:

Toronto, Canada’s shark fin ban efforts:

North Vancouver Canada’s shark fin ban efforts:

Abbotsford and Maple Ridge Canada’s shark fin ban efforts:

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